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Gone but not Forgotten

As many of you may not have known, SYN Yankee (OG SALTY YANK) was my General when I was in SYN Envy 7. Before transferring to Envy 7, I ran into him, xTHE MAD PANDAx and DVS456 on Call of Duty Black Ops 2. The clan he was General over was down to earth and everyone had each other's back. No one in the clan was left behind. Being under these three was the biggest motivation for me coming up through the ranks. I wanted to be like them, I wanted to lead like they did when I was a sergeant in SYN Envy 7. They taught me that I shouldn't be afraid to step up, shouldn't be afraid to tell it how it is. They showed me what it was like to be a leader and to put your members first. They even dubbed me the name Cheetah-Feet.

SYN Yankee was originally recruited into XGC in September of 2015 as dmnYankee6969. From...

KoG Generals promotion - KoG Im Death

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KoG Im Death
On your promotion To General

KoG Hellhounds

KoG Im Death joined the KoG Division in October 5, 2020

This leader has displayed nothing but hard work and loyalty to his clan members as well as the community/division.

KoG Im Death never attend to move up in rank but as he seen the Direction of his section on bringing back gaming to the gaming community he was all aboard.

KoG Im Death displays everything a leader should possess and a gaming community.

Congratulations KoG Im Death on your promotion to General well deserved.

In Remembrance of KOG Cobra XD

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I am shocked and saddened by this terrible news of your passing. I am not sure if I have known of someone to make as big of an impact in XG as you did in the short time you were with us. The fact that you went from recruit to XD is less than two years, is a testament of your leadership and dedication to KOG. I could always count on laughing when in a party with you, no matter the topic of conversation. You and your nips will be missed. Although Cobra was the leader of the snake pit, you will always be Turdz to me. Rest In Peace.


SYN Live Promotion

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Congratulations SYN LIVE on your promotion to General over SYN THINLINE!

SYN Live joined the community on Oct 15th, 2019 in SYN Elemental under SYN Deimos XS. After SYN Live was bounced from SYN Deimos XS to SYN Vader XS, he found his home section with myself SYN JAChelle XS on May 17th 2020.

He was a Captain at the time in SYN Envy 7, but as the clan was starting to fall due to the General, I promoted SYN Live as General over SYN Envy 7. This was the best choice I have made as being Section Leader because I knew SYN Live had it in him to be the great General he is. On Sept. 27,2020 SYN Live has his first clan split as he produced SYN Psych Ward. He stuck to his goals and made his dream as General come true.

In Dec. 2020, He wanted to explore different options and at that point I knew he would be back home in 2 to 3 months. As 2 months and 6 Days went by, he came home under SYN Wrath 7. He worked hard to get moved up and as SYN...

KoG Promotion: KoG LILSTONE

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on your promotion to General
KoG Leviathan!

KoG LILSTONE joined the community during Oct 2020 on CoD: MW. In fact, she was the last recruit I recruited as a General over KoG Leviathan before being promoted to Section Leader!

KoG LILSTONE, believe it or not, was timid when she first joined XG shocker, right?! Though with time, she started opening up and making tons of friends in this community.
During her time in Leviathan, she became very passionate about the community and helping it grow. She never planned on taking up leadership as she is a full-time college student and didn't think she could do it, but through motivation and passion, she made her first steps into leadership. She couldn't wait to get to Captain as her favorite phrase to say to not only me but everyone was...


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Request to join Xiled Media and Design:
Xiled Media and Design is currently looking for anyone interested in creating custom artwork for the members of our community and our website. No design experience? Don't know how to create custom artwork? No problem! We are also looking for people interested in learning how to create artwork. Our knowledgeable team and in-depth tutorials can guide you along the way to creating signatures and banners for our community! The Xiled Design Team is a great way for you to grow your talents in design and have your work showcased on our website and/or social media!

What do we do?
We are a group of gamers/creators that work together to create excellent content for our community. This includes anything from custom artwork for our members or website, all the way into media for the events team and our social media platforms. Just like any other team, we learn...

SYN Itachi

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SYN Itachi

Please help me congratulate SYN Itachi on his promotion to General over SYN CYPHER CORE!!!

SYN Itachi was recruited July 27th of last year into SYN Abyss. He worked his way up the ranks all the way threw the ranks where he showed what he is made of. After a while Itachi came over to my section under SYN CYPHER CORE. He has worked very hard to get where he is today and I have no doubt in my mind that he is headed for greatness. SYN Itachi has been showing great leadership skills from the day that he transferred into my section. One of his main goals is to make people happy when they are in his clan. He has shown that he wants to help this community in many ways and I am very excited to see what he will do in the future!

once again congratulations SYN Itachi, now get to work.


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News Team Consideration and Application Format

Applications are only to be posted in this parent forum. If you are wanting to submit a one-time article to the News Team, please feel free to do so through the Community Creations Forum located in the TEAMS section.

The News Team is looking for members that have an interest in writing about games, leaders in the community, tips/tricks to make gaming more fun, and so much more. By joining the Xiled Gaming News Team you will help share new and exciting information in gaming with the members of our community.

Here are some things to consider before submitting your application for consideration as a potential News Team member:

1) Understand the basics of writing and grammar.
[COLOR=rgb(251, 160...

SYN General Promotion- SYN OkKaite1

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Everyone please join me in congratulating SYN OkKaite1 on her promotion to General of SYN Zero Day!!

SYN OkKaite1 joined SYN Valor on June 6th, 2020 and her presence was felt immediately. Our community discussions on the SYN discord server will never die with her around. I do not think this woman has met a stranger. It is this spirit that has led her to consistently host successful game, recruiting, and all-round fun nights for the community, her squad, and clans.

SYN OkKaite1 went on to become the first Captain of SYN Zero Day under SYN Spicy. From that time in October of 2020, she continued to show her exemplary skills as a recruiter, trainer, and leader for Proxy Squad.

It is my great pleasure to have her and SYN Zero Day back in my section. The future is bright for this one. As is the case with all of us, there is always room for improvement, but I believe that SYN OkKaite1 is a star on the rise.

General Promotion SYN Gladiatr

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SYN General Promotion - SYN Gladiatr

SYN Gladiatr originally joined on Jul 16, 2016 . SYN Gladiatr came back after missing the community and joined into SYN Eternal.
While his time in SYN Eternal he worked hard and started taking interest in the clan as a whole. SYN Gladiatr soon transferred into SYN Valhalla where he worked hard to achieve his goals of after becoming a General. Through hard work and pure diligence, he was able to have his chance once again. SYN Gladiatr has worked closely with his leadership showing he had what it took to be an effective leader. SYN Gladiatr has displayed the drive to achieve any goal for himself while helping his fellow members and assisting in the growth of the community.

So it gives me great pleasure in congratulating SYN Gladiatr on his promotion to General over SYN Destruction!!!