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Stream Team Requirements

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The stream team is about inclusion for all members wanting to stream or be involved in promoting, assisting, raiding, hosting, and creating clips from stream and editing them. Anyone wanting to join the stream team will need to post and then you will be contacted by one of the team leads. (XGC x0 0 7x XI, XGC Mini Me XD, KoG LOTUS XD, XGC Cage, KoG Bugz,) Below are some of the listed things being done by team members.

1. Help with overlays
2. Promote XG members streams
3. Share their stream in the discord
4. Promote the subscriptions for streamers
5. Promote scheduled streams on the calendar XG website
6. XG stream promoted by team members marketing to all outlets GAMING SOCIAL PROFILES
7. Mod the XG stream
8. Stream together while playing together
9. Stream raid
10. Host each other's streams while offline (auto host)
11. Be online watching streams clipping and modding streams
12. Creating content (clips from streams) clip collecting for making video edits
13. Helping different levels of streamers accomplish goals
14. Video editing

Some requirements are needed to be on the stream team and have your stream featured. There is no cookie cutter answer for this however quality of the stream is defined by video quality and content in the stream.
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XGC x0 0 7x XI

XGC x0 0 7x XI

(XI) Council Leader
Welp Hi, I am interested in joining the stream team, would like more info! KOG LOTUS XD has already helped me out with a bunch of different things, she is awesome!
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Stream team sounds interesting, I am already well into twitch. Already affiliated almost a year, but I do need to set up a stream schedule. (It's easy, it's just another task..) I also want to re-up my emotes a bit brighter and get myself a capture card. Already set up everything else as I want to except that.
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