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Change Is In The Air

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Change Is In The Air

Gaming today is much more advanced than it was when Xiled Gaming was founded seventeen years ago. As technology has evolved, the interaction between players has devolved. Back in the day, you could jump into a COD: Black Ops 2 lobby and have a conversation with your team and possible the whole lobby. Nowadays, you’re lucky to find anyone with a microphone in game chat. How can we as a gaming community combat these new norms? It is super simple: Have FUN!

People play video games to have fun, not to just shoot people or build stuff then go to bed. They want to talk to people, play games with someone, and have a genuine conversation with someone that isn’t spewing vulgar comments or a mouthy child. In other words, they are looking for an experience. We, as a gaming community, can make that happen. Xiled Gaming’s ultimate goal is to bring a new and better gaming experience to online gaming. What separates us from lesser communities is in our...


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As many of you may know already, Xiled Gaming lost one of our own, KoG Cobra XD, formerly known as KoG Turdz XD.
KoG Cobra XD joined Xiled Gaming in October 27th, 2018 into KoG Rogue as a recruit and from that very day I knew he was going to achieve great things. He was a quick learner and always eager to learn new things. Whether it be how to recruit or how to successfully just be a good leader. He was a great listener and a great teacher. Even as a Sergeant, he was teaching new members about the Honor Code and the Rank Structure.

KoG Cobra XD's journey continue to grow when he was promoted to General over KoG Valhalla. The clan was named in honor of the military veterans and active military members in the clan. KoG Valhalla was his home clan and he was proud of it. He was proud to be the General, he was proud of the members and the Division he was in. His dedication to the clan and the community got him...​


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A few of us "founding members" were in a clan in Unreal 2, well before Halo 2. I at the time joined KSI. We were only 8 members then. Eventually, a few more of my personal friends joined too. When Halo 2 was released we started a clan on there known as KSI SECTION 8. As that clan grew so did I in KSI. Eventually, a few others and I wanted to go and make our own clan in KSI. After much battling and a few people being removed from KSI at the time, we were able to make the 1 clan that brings us to where we are now. XILED KINGS! As that clan grew and split more and more clans were made out of it and to pay respect to what started it all they put XK at the end of their clan name. ex KSI UNREAL XK. At the time we were in KSI and XK was known for its rules and age requirement so I made another section in KSI called NEW DYNASTY. NEW DYNASTY had no age requirement. (I hope you are getting my hints.) Once we were ready to move on and leave KSI, the name for our new community was very simple...


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Xiled Gaming has grown to be the largest and most successful gaming community on XBOX LIVE! Xiled Gaming is moving forward and NOT looking back at the past! With talented leaders who are working on different and important things, Xiled Gaming has an amazing future! The leaders are all working for the same goal and as a team, which is always the most important ingredient for success. Xiled Gaming has the support of most of our neighboring gaming communities. Nothing is better than all of the gaming communities working and playing the game together. XBOX LIVE has never been a more fun and exciting environment then right now. There are several gaming communities out there for you to choose from all with different approaches.

Xiled Gaming is about 3 things:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Respect
  • Fair Play

These three characteristics are very important to all of the members of Xiled Gaming! The quality of the gamer is most important and represents those values! When you...


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XILED GAMING is comprised of several X-leaders from many other gaming networks. These leaders have all joined forces to become the future of online gaming. As a team or a Council the original 11 leaders will all make decisions as a whole with no one person's agenda being higher than the others. This is truly how a democracy runs. Xiled Gaming members are held to the highest of standards and are above any petty drama that is sent their way. Xiled Gaming members are professional above all others and conduct themselves in a manner that is becoming of themselves and the organization.

Xiled Gaming does not have any alliances with any other gaming network and does not want any alliances. However we want to be friendly and professional with all who game on any platform. There are NO gamers that Xiled Gaming members are forbidden from playing with or hanging out with. Xiled Gaming is a community of all kinds of people all with different expectations of what they want from a gaming...

Apex Legends: Duos Tournament

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Team Name: East Side Boys

Xiled Gaming
Proudly Announces a
On Date: 10/14/2023
Starting at 8:00pm Est - 11:00pm Est

This is a Community-Wide Tournament for all registered members and recruits/potential recruits! Do you and your partner have what it takes to make it to the Winners Circle in this 32 Team Duos Tournament?

Your Team will have 3 hours beginning at 8:00pm EST - 11:00pm EST to get the best placement and kills as possible. You may play as many matches you can play in order to submit your top 3 games for score entry. Submissions will be sent to SYN Sobi XS for scoring no later than 12:00am EST on 10/15/2023.

Even though this is a Tournament, we at Xiled Gaming want you guys to remember to have fun with it. Interact with your teammate and come up with the best strategy to get the most points.

You may be a fast pace player, like Octane, rushing in for the kills. A medic trying to keep...​

General promotion- XGC Eureka 7

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XGC Eureka 7 (although he has gone by a lot of different names during his time in XG) joined the community in February of 2019. After doing some time in each division, he joined XGC Ground Zero in December of 2022.

Eureka has worked hard to recruit, help the clan become more active, and get all of the leadership on the same page these past few months, and his hard work has definitely paid off.

It is with great pleasure that I congratulate XGC Eureka 7 on his promotion to General of XGC Ground Zero. Keep working hard, and it will always pay off. I can’t wait to see your success. Grateful for all you do!

Gone but not Forgotten - KoG KodaK XS

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To all who may not have known, KoG lost one of its great leaders,
KoG KodaK XS

KoG Kodak XS was recruited into SYNdicate on October 30th, 2017.

Kodak was one of those members that spoke his mind and didn't give a crap about what anyone thought of him. Coming up through the ranks, he was a successful leader who produced successful clans, one after another. Not once did he let anyone overstep him or tell him how to do his job. I remembered when him and I were in SYN, we always spoke of how we were going to be promoted to Section Leader at the same time.
He was a great person and a great friend who always put others before him and ensuring that they had what they needed to be successful as well.

KoG KodaK XS came to KoG in 2020 into what is now KoG Hellhounds.
His eagerness to build a PUBG clan and to create a vibe that would soon carry on into 4 different clan and 2 PUBG sections.
KoG Fearless, KoG Sabotage...

SYN Section Leader Promotions February 2023

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Please help me in congratulating the 3 new Section Leaders to the SYN Division.

Formerly known as :

SYN Sobi
SYN GrimReaper

Now known as:

SYN Alpha XS
SYN Reapr XS

These three fellers came into the community with wide eyes eager to explore all Xiled Gaming had to offer., where they eventually found a home away from home here in SYN.
Each striving for success, developing their skills as a leader to progress to the next stage diligently and patiently has landed them where they are today.,
It has been a great pleasure to watch these three come through the ranks, each with their own unique style and personality s that bring the very essence of what being in a gaming community is all about.,
As a Division Leader my...

XGC Wolfpack XK - General - XGC Panda

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When I was given XGC Wolfpack XK, the General and one of the Lt's went inactive and the clan was in need for help with leadership. One person stepped up to the plate and displayed the true meaning of dedication and commitment. XGC Panda. Panda has gone above and beyond with his oppurtunity as Captain and has assisted in training, recruiting, planning, organizing, and building Wolfpack to what it is today. Panda, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do. I know that as the new General of XGC Wolfpack XK, you will be able to continue to do great things for the clan and the community. Thank you for everything and keep up the great work. I am very proud of you!

Your Friend,
XGC Phntm XD