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SYN Angel307 Memorial

Remembering SYN Angel307
Composed by SYN Tragedy, SYN Sobi XS, and SYN Jay

SYN Angel307 joined SYN on October 28, 2023.
He was initially recruited into SYN Devil Dogs and remained there throughout his time in the XG Community.

On March 3, 2024, SYN Angel307, and his very large walking stick, left this mortal plain.

SYN Angel307, or Johnathan White for those that knew him on a more personal aspect, was a very devoted gamer/person. If anyone sent a message looking for someone to play a game with, he was the first to respond and volunteer himself, even if it meant that he had to download a game and start from scratch. His favorite games included: Destiny 2, Call Of Duty, Lethal Company, and Among Us. He played countless other games and had a particular interest in more laid back games over the competitive ones. He was at every meeting, every game night, and even hosted several of them when leadership was unavailable. During the Birthday Bash, he made an appearance in several of the games and had a blast. He was always searching for his close friends and XS during Among Us game nights as the imposter, he made sure they were eliminated first so they couldn't get him caught. Anyone needing to talk or game could always find Angel to be there, he never turned down a time to be a friend or have fun. He was a huge advocate for having fun and still doing clan stuff, no matter the time of day. A few community members got the privilege of meeting Angel in person where they shared joy and laughter, while dodging his airsoft pellets. He and the gutter of any local bowling alley also became close friends.

For those that knew him, know that SYN Angel was a member of the US Navy. The Core Values of Xiled Gaming and the US Navy are the exact same and he represented those values each and every day. There was never a moment of question or hesitation from Angel, especially when it came to his family in SYN Devil Dogs. Although he was only in the community for a short time, he rose through the ranks by being a model for those around him and encouraging others to follow suit. On December 17, 2023, SYN Angel was promoted to Lieutenant. From the moment he accepted his role as leadership, he made numerous positive changes and impacted so many lives.

Angel was a quality gamer, a leader, family and a great friend. Devil Dogs may have lost you from their ranks, but you will forever be in their hearts.

You may be gone, but you will never be forgotten. May you Rest in Peace.