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A Night to Remember

Let’s Party like it’s 2006!

As many of you know, Xiled Gaming was founded January 6th, 2006. If you are quick with the math, that means that on January 6th, 2024, Xiled Gaming will be turning 18! In honor of Xiled Gaming’s 18th birthday, the Events Team has organized a wide variety of Game Nights for the Community. It is my honor to list those game nights for you below. The Birthday Bash will have several different games to play, the first game starts at 5PM EST and the game nights will be wrapping up around midnight.

Xiled Gaming invites you to join in on this epic night of celebration!

The Game Nights are as follows:


Terraria on PC - Hosted by EmeDiffers


Monopoly - Hosted by SYN Weeb and SYN CHELL XD
Among Us - Hosted by SYN Jay


Fortnite - Hosted by SYN Sobi XS and SYN Tragedy
Grid Legends - Hosted by SYN Ohana XS and SYN Lex XS
Mario Kart - Hosted by XGC EATALOT (Ends at 10PM EST)

Golf With Your Friends - Hosted by SYN CAREBEAR XS
Modern Warfare 2 - Hosted by XGC Kaite XS and XGC Grim XS
Fall Guys - Hosted by SYN CHELL XD (Ends at 10pm EST)

10PM EST –
Modern Warfare 3 - Hosted by SYN CHELL XD and SYN Ohana XS

The Events Team and Design Team have been working very hard to make each Birthday Bash a success and they hope to make this one “A Night To Remember” for all that attend.
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