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Change Is In The Air

Change Is In The Air

Gaming today is much more advanced than it was when Xiled Gaming was founded seventeen years ago. As technology has evolved, the interaction between players has devolved. Back in the day, you could jump into a COD: Black Ops 2 lobby and have a conversation with your team and possible the whole lobby. Nowadays, you’re lucky to find anyone with a microphone in game chat. How can we as a gaming community combat these new norms? It is super simple: Have FUN!

People play video games to have fun, not to just shoot people or build stuff then go to bed. They want to talk to people, play games with someone, and have a genuine conversation with someone that isn’t spewing vulgar comments or a mouthy child. In other words, they are looking for an experience. We, as a gaming community, can make that happen. Xiled Gaming’s ultimate goal is to bring a new and better gaming experience to online gaming. What separates us from lesser communities is in our Honor Code. which defines the expectations of members, provides the age requirements, encourages inclusivity and the sharing of ideas, and our search for “like-minded” gamers. We can get people into the community by simply highlighting these topics as selling points when discussing the community with a potential recruit.

If we are selling a “better gaming experience,” then just talking the talk is not going to be enough to get them to join. You have to provide examples of that experience. Try inviting them to a game and play with them some. Invite them to parties with clan members and let them see how the community is. Play some public or private games together, have fun, invite them to game nights, let them know about the community events and tournaments, send them an invite to the XG Discord server. The possibilities to recruit people and make them have a good time are practically limitless. All you need to have to make this happen is motivation and a good personality.

To simplify, we want to see members in game chat and talking to people. Promote communication and gaming together. Show other gamers that we all know how to have fun while we play. The chances of getting someone to join the community after playing with members are exponentially higher, because they have gamed with us and seen how much fun we can have. So the real question is: Are you willing to open yourself up to the public and let them see what awaits them behind the doors of Xiled Gaming?