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Change Is In The Air

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Change Is In The Air

Gaming today is much more advanced than it was when Xiled Gaming was founded seventeen years ago. As technology has evolved, the interaction between players has devolved. Back in the day, you could jump into a COD: Black Ops 2 lobby and have a conversation with your team and possible the whole lobby. Nowadays, you’re lucky to find anyone with a microphone in game chat. How can we as a gaming community combat these new norms? It is super simple: Have FUN!

People play video games to have fun, not to just shoot people or build stuff then go to bed. They want to talk to people, play games with someone, and have a genuine conversation with someone that isn’t spewing vulgar comments or a mouthy child. In other words, they are looking for an experience. We, as a gaming community, can make that happen. Xiled Gaming’s ultimate goal is to bring a new and better gaming experience to online gaming. What separates us from lesser communities is in our...


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Xiled Gaming has grown to be the largest and most successful gaming community on XBOX LIVE! Xiled Gaming is moving forward and NOT looking back at the past! With talented leaders who are working on different and important things, Xiled Gaming has an amazing future! The leaders are all working for the same goal and as a team, which is always the most important ingredient for success. Xiled Gaming has the support of most of our neighboring gaming communities. Nothing is better than all of the gaming communities working and playing the game together. XBOX LIVE has never been a more fun and exciting environment then right now. There are several gaming communities out there for you to choose from all with different approaches.

Xiled Gaming is about 3 things:

  • Sportsmanship
  • Respect
  • Fair Play

These three characteristics are very important to all of the members of Xiled Gaming! The quality of the gamer is most important and represents those values! When you...


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XILED GAMING is comprised of several X-leaders from many other gaming networks. These leaders have all joined forces to become the future of online gaming. As a team or a Council the original 11 leaders will all make decisions as a whole with no one person's agenda being higher than the others. This is truly how a democracy runs. Xiled Gaming members are held to the highest of standards and are above any petty drama that is sent their way. Xiled Gaming members are professional above all others and conduct themselves in a manner that is becoming of themselves and the organization.

Xiled Gaming does not have any alliances with any other gaming network and does not want any alliances. However we want to be friendly and professional with all who game on any platform. There are NO gamers that Xiled Gaming members are forbidden from playing with or hanging out with. Xiled Gaming is a community of all kinds of people all with different expectations of what they want from a gaming...

SYN Section Leader Promotions February 2023

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Please help me in congratulating the 3 new Section Leaders to the SYN Division.

Formerly known as :

SYN Sobi
SYN GrimReaper

Now known as:

SYN Alpha XS
SYN Reapr XS

These three fellers came into the community with wide eyes eager to explore all Xiled Gaming had to offer., where they eventually found a home away from home here in SYN.
Each striving for success, developing their skills as a leader to progress to the next stage diligently and patiently has landed them where they are today.,
It has been a great pleasure to watch these three come through the ranks, each with their own unique style and personality s that bring the very essence of what being in a gaming community is all about.,
As a Division Leader my...

XGC General Promotion for XGC Tactical

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XGC Tactical : General of XGC WolfPack XK

This gentleman, previously known as Tactical Osprey, self joined to XGC WolfPack XK in July of 2020. Leadership and I were baffled at who this person was that decided to request membership. When questioned, he stated that he joined at random and was drawn to the name XGC WolfPack XK. This was definitely a first for me! :) As he progressed through the ranks, he became a LT in August 2021 and strived to make XGC Wolfpack XK an inclusive experience for all gamers. Shortly after he became Captain in October 2021, he again demonstrated tremendous leadership qualities and delivered his promise to make this community a better place. When I approached him about the promotion to General, he expressed that he wanted to split his squad in order to maintain a rich gaming environment and to ensure that when the clan splits that things won't falter. WOW!!!!!!!! At one point...


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Throughout its history, the Xiled Gaming Company has successfully met all its challenges. The online XG community began on January of 2006, the Council of Leaders broke from the community known as KSI in order to run a Community free of cheating, trash talking, racism and run it the way they see fit.

From those early days of the XG community there has been, certain bedrock principles or core values that have been carried by the members in silence. They consist of three basic principles, and together create the XGC mission.

Honor: "I will bear true faith and allegiance..." Accordingly, we will: Conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates; Be honest and truthful in our dealings with each other, and with those outside the XGC community; Be willing to make honest recommendations and accept those of junior personnel; Encourage new ideas and deliver the bad news, even when it is unpopular; Abide...


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What makes a community a community?

The word community comes from the Latin communis, meaning "common, public, and shared by all or many."

People have formed communities from the days of the earliest hunter-gatherers. Communities are distinguished by enough participants in a group caring for the common good, developing a sense of community, in which they give of themselves. A crucial factor is the balance between self-interest and shared interests. Whatever drives people to cooperate in the first place is not as important in the context of community as what makes them continue to associate. Lasting ties between and among people are what is important in the formation of viable communities. Successful efforts by a mix of participants tend to attract the attention of other less-connected individuals who may seek to join a group that is succeeding.

The majority of the founding Leaders of Xiled Gaming, came together to launch...