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XGC General Promotion for XGC Tactical

XGC Tactical : General of XGC WolfPack XK

This gentleman, previously known as Tactical Osprey, self joined to XGC WolfPack XK in July of 2020. Leadership and I were baffled at who this person was that decided to request membership. When questioned, he stated that he joined at random and was drawn to the name XGC WolfPack XK. This was definitely a first for me! :) As he progressed through the ranks, he became a LT in August 2021 and strived to make XGC Wolfpack XK an inclusive experience for all gamers. Shortly after he became Captain in October 2021, he again demonstrated tremendous leadership qualities and delivered his promise to make this community a better place. When I approached him about the promotion to General, he expressed that he wanted to split his squad in order to maintain a rich gaming environment and to ensure that when the clan splits that things won't falter. WOW!!!!!!!! At one point, complications arose and some people left the community. XGC Tactical once again stepped up to the plate and provided his members support. I asked him why he wanted to be in leadership and he said "I saw the need to lead by example and wanted to be the guiding light for members to look up to." With a noble career in law enforcement, I asked him to describe himself in three words. "Fair. Firm. Consistent." XGC Tactical is a kind-hearted individual with a factual mindset. I have never seen anyone dedicate as much time to a clan as this guy has and that is why XGC Wolfpack XK is what it is today.
XGC Tactical....Great job and I look forward to seeing you rise in the ranks and representing what Xiled Gaming Community is all about.
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