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What makes a community a community?

The word community comes from the Latin communis, meaning "common, public, and shared by all or many."

People have formed communities from the days of the earliest hunter-gatherers. Communities are distinguished by enough participants in a group caring for the common good, developing a sense of community, in which they give of themselves. A crucial factor is the balance between self-interest and shared interests. Whatever drives people to cooperate in the first place is not as important in the context of community as what makes them continue to associate. Lasting ties between and among people are what is important in the formation of viable communities. Successful efforts by a mix of participants tend to attract the attention of other less-connected individuals who may seek to join a group that is succeeding.

The majority of the founding Leaders of Xiled Gaming, came together to launch a community of like-minded gamers, who wanted to have fun online, and not deal with drama, to build a large community where everyone is appreciated and made to feel welcome.

Xiled Gaming is growing every day, more and more gamers are joining, new leaders are coming forward, old members that don’t understand what it is all about are leaving. We are poised for a large growth spurt here in the months to come, the Xbox 360 is opening a lot of doors for our members, new games, new gamers, and tons of new experiences.

We have web sites for everyone, an awesome forum system that is available for all, and a BRAND NEW Tournament and Bracketing system, for online events and clan matches.

Xiled Gaming is definitely the place to be now and in the future, with a Brand New PC division, we have stretched our domain across the online gaming world, like no other clan or community could have ever dreamed of.

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XGC x0 0 7x XI

(XI) Council Leader