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SYN Section Leader Promotions February 2023

Please help me in congratulating the 3 new Section Leaders to the SYN Division.

Formerly known as :

SYN Sobi
SYN GrimReaper

Now known as:

SYN Alpha XS
SYN Reapr XS

These three fellers came into the community with wide eyes eager to explore all Xiled Gaming had to offer., where they eventually found a home away from home here in SYN.
Each striving for success, developing their skills as a leader to progress to the next stage diligently and patiently has landed them where they are today.,
It has been a great pleasure to watch these three come through the ranks, each with their own unique style and personality s that bring the very essence of what being in a gaming community is all about.,
As a Division Leader my greatest pleasure in the community is watching the progression of the members, some make it to leadership and succeed, and some not., the journey isn't a easy road to travel but it's yours., so own it & make it your Bitch!
I look forward to taking the helm on furthering your knowledge and skills as a Section Leader, "I'd run now fellers Shit's about to get real."

So without further adieu, Let's Give a Big Shootout in congratulating My Newest Section Leaders to the team here In The SYN Division. Congrats you got this as we push forward to great thing here in SYN !