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  • Greatness takes time, Success is not easy, staying focused on the task at hand and following thru without getting discouraged is key.
    As leaders in this community we should always strive for success by being on guard to how we act on all gaming Platforms, and social media platforms where we represent our community, there is a time for fun and a time for business, we should Never allow our personal views to ever overshadow our professionalism in any situation. " This is one small step to being the leader our members deserve."

    Be the Leader your members deserve.

    Pave the way to success

    Empower your leaders to be free thinkers, and not merely a yes man


    Be the leader who is always willing to offer an outside perspective without interference.

    Never micromanage

    Offer assistance when ever the chance arises


    Train your members to manage everyday operations so they can be successful.

    Seek out those teachable moments


    Set long & short term Reachable goals

    Follow up when extra support is required

    give praise for a job well done


    Impel others to be the best they can be by displaying confidence at all times

    Maintain moral by presenting even difficult information with a positive spin.

    Encourage others to be the leaders of tomorrow

    Have Fun:

    Be the facilitator of fun

    Create an environment in which members want to be a part of.
    Hey snow, I am guessing this is snoscope! This is Derek from Ohio haven't spoken for a couple years. I was in your clan XGC Devastation as a Captian and I am recently returning to playing COD on the Xbox again. Do you have any suggestions of a clan I can join?
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    wrong snow.
    SYN Pathetlc
    SYN Pathetlc
    Come join SYN shinigami!! We have open spots and room for promotions! Add me on Xbox live “SYN PATHETLC”
    KoG 33RD
    KoG 33RD
    I found who I thought you were Snow XD...XGC Snoscope has been inactive since 2017. Thank you for responding!
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