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KoG 33RD
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  • Hey dragon it's been a while since I've asked you for the sigs. I know your busy and I'm sorry for bothering you. If you can please update me on the two sigs I sent you
    Mr Dragon whats good man, haven't seen or talked to you in a minute hows it hanging bro?
    I honestly didnt know i wasnt one lol. But what is the difference for real? Anyway thanks Dragon, im on these forms everyday while im at work. I just post when something interesting to me pops up
    I would blend the teeth of goku in so the image in front doesn't have a transparent look. I would add white smoke around goku to help blend him in with the background. If you are using gimp click on render and then Lava. A new layer will be added, Hit the colorize button to bring it to the same color as you background.Next drop the opacity of that layer and add it as either gain merge or addition. Erase the lightning around the sig as needed to help him blend in.
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