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SYN General Promotion SYN FinnyFloyd

SYN FinnyFloyd has been a long time member of the community, first joining in April of 2014. He was previously known as FinnyFloyd96.

Most of his time in the community has been with SYN but he did spend some time in KoG as well. He found himself in SYN Mythic where he was one of the lieutenants. When SYN Mythic did a clan split, He went to the new clan SYN Gods and was promoted to captain.

During his time in SYN Gods as a captain, he continued to grow and he held the respect of the entire clan. He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty so to speak and get the job done.

After some change in leadership, SYN FinnyFloyd was promoted to general on January 22, 2024, and changed the name of the clan to SYN Guardians.

I want to congratulate SYN FinnyFloyd on his promotion to general and I look forward to seeing great things from him.
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