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SYN Live Promotion

Congratulations SYN LIVE on your promotion to General over SYN THINLINE!

SYN Live joined the community on Oct 15th, 2019 in SYN Elemental under SYN Deimos XS. After SYN Live was bounced from SYN Deimos XS to SYN Vader XS, he found his home section with myself SYN JAChelle XS on May 17th 2020.

He was a Captain at the time in SYN Envy 7, but as the clan was starting to fall due to the General, I promoted SYN Live as General over SYN Envy 7. This was the best choice I have made as being Section Leader because I knew SYN Live had it in him to be the great General he is. On Sept. 27,2020 SYN Live has his first clan split as he produced SYN Psych Ward. He stuck to his goals and made his dream as General come true.

In Dec. 2020, He wanted to explore different options and at that point I knew he would be back home in 2 to 3 months. As 2 months and 6 Days went by, he came home under SYN Wrath 7. He worked hard to get moved up and as SYN Wrath 7 was ready for a split this is where SYN Live became the new General over SYN ThinLine. As SYN ThinLine has special meaning to SYN Live, He is a correction officer himself and several members in SYN ThinLine are also with our first responders and all of Xiled Gamers, he wanted to name his clan in support of our first responders.

SYN Live, I wish you luck and I see the leader that you are. You will go far in the community. Keep being you. I am very proud of how you stepped up. You will go far not only in the community but as a young man yourself.
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