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SYN General Promotion - SYN Kenshin

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SYN General Promotion - SYN Kenshin

Everyone, please give a round of applause to SYN Kenshin on his promotion to General over SYN Manslayers.

SYN Kenshin was an avid Call of Duty player when he was recruited, by a friend, back in February of 2013 into the clan of XGC Charlie Company. He joined because he wanted to be apart of a great community and clan.

SYN Kenshin has worked religiously to improve the community. One of the last members left in his previous clan, he was placed in SYN Celestial. Upon his Section Leader leaving and new General being promoted (SYN Unholy) he stepped up for the clan and become captain. With the clan on brink of destruction, SYN Kenshin worked closely with his General, countless hours, to save the clan eventually renaming it to SYN LEVIATHAN. With SYN Kenshin's hard work and his dedication as well as training his leadership to the best of his ability, they were moving in the right direction...

SYN General Promotion - SYN Oceanic

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SYN General Promotion - SYN Oceanic

SYN Oceanic was recruited into XGC Explicit on April 29, 2014. During the time he spent over there he made it up to the ranks of Lieutenant. In December of 2014, he decided to make a transfer to XGC Immortals XK, where his real-life became a little more hectic so he had to take a short leave of absence until his return in December 2015. He returned from inactivity into XGC Atrocity. Shortly after his return, he decided to make a big choice of moving from XGC to SYN Kings. Due to his hard work, Kings were able to clan split into SYN Nemesis where SYN Oceanic began to truly shine. Oceanic transferred over to SYN Xiled Kings, then was clan split into SYN Blackwater. When Oceanic became General over SYN Blackwater, He focused his attention on working with members. Oceanic is striving for greatness and has big plans for Blackwater. I have no doubt he will achieve his goal of growing...

SYN General Promotion - SYN BREEZY1

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SYN General Promotion - SYN BREEZY1
Breezy1 was recruited on Oct 24, 2015, and joined SYN Eternal. Breezy soon worked his way up the ranks and became a Section Leader. SYN Breezy had transferred from KoG division back into SYN Division. However, Breezy came back with a passion for his original home clan SYN Xiled kings. Breezy is an experienced leader. He has strived to achieve every goal, even if they are out of reach. Breezy continues to set goals for Xiled Kings. Breezy is an excellent listener when it comes to his members and a hard worker. He always tries to think positive and always has a plan for whatever might be thrown his way. Breezy loves being a part of SYN Xiled Kings and enjoys every moment with members within the clan. Breezy is always looking for new and exciting ways to grow the community, and continue to work towards the goals of helping this community grow even bigger.
I am proud to congratulate SYN...

Welcome Home

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Hello XG!

We have appreciated everyone's patience over the last two or three weeks. It was a long, and tedious process but we're finally here. We also want to thank everyone for their generous contributions to the community. Whether it was your time, money or your patiences, we thank you for your continued commitment to making Xiled Gaming the best.

The website upgrade has been a long time coming. Our last upgrade from VB4 to VB5 came with many unforeseen issues and we lost a lot of functionality that our community needed to operate. While VBulletin served our community well for years, it was time to move on.

Why Xenforo? Xenforo is a self-hosted, premium forum software. Websites such as IGN, Toms Hardware, and more all utilize Xenforo's software. However, what's most important to us is that it has an active community creating mod's/add-ons. That gives us the ability to regain lost functionality and gain even more. Speaking of which, we have already installed a number of addons...

Clan Compete Tournament

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CC CDL Domination Tournament
Hosted by ClanCompete

Welcome to ClanCompete’s CDL Domination Tournament.

The event will be held on Saturday, July 18th, with gameplay expected to start at 8:30 p.m. eastern. Registration will consist of teams of five, with provision for substitutes, and we will try to accommodate as many teams as are interested in participating.

Sign-ups are linked ->HERE<-. Rules for registration, play, and scoring are attached to the tournament. Any further questions can be directed to KoG Turdz XS, KoG MamaCoco XS or KoG Caustic.


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The Xiled Gaming Leaders have decided to offer memberships for those who have left Xiled Gaming but wish to come back. We've added this, "Pay To Come Back" to XG for a couple of reasons.

The first being that: When you originally join, you get a free membership to our community.
We seek to recruit people into our family who are like minded gamers and we want the opportunity to give you the best online gaming experience possible. Sometimes people quit or get kicked out for the wrong reasons. We don't want to charge to give YOU your membership back. It's your's, we will get you back in. However, those who leave and take up the time of our hard working leaders, the one's who left due to drama or thought they could recreate our fraternity of gamers, you will have to pay (if approved) to regain your membership as well as your standing in the community.
Now I'm sure some of you are sitting there thinking this is a way for XG to make money off of gamers. Let me assure you Xiled Gaming...


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This thread is for all X members who want to come back. No matter what reason you left of were kicked out. You can come to this thread and state your reason on why you left and why we should consider you coming home. YOU WILL NOT BE TOLD "I TOLD YOU SO" OR MADE FUN OF AT ALL IN THIS THREAD! ANYONE WHO DOES SO WILL BE REMOVED! I don't always get messages or have people come to me to sit down with the Council so you can just post in here that you would like to talk and I will send you a FR to sit and discuss your return or not. Basically this is an open door to come and talk with me and or the Council. There is not any guarantee that you will be let back. Our rule is what it is. However some people left due to not knowing the real truth and might have been misled and would like a second chance. Well here it is. Don’t waste my time. If you are a racist or cheater the answer is without a doubt NO. But if like I said you were told something that was or is not true and would...


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Throughout its history, the Xiled Gaming Company has successfully met all its challenges. The online XG community began on January of 2006, the Council of Leaders broke from the community known as KSI in order to run a Community free of cheating, trash talking, racism and run it the way they see fit.

From those early days of the XG community there has been, certain bedrock principles or core values that have been carried by the members in silence. They consist of three basic principles, and together create the XGC mission.

Honor: "I will bear true faith and allegiance..." Accordingly, we will: Conduct ourselves in the highest ethical manner in all relationships with peers, superiors and subordinates; Be honest and truthful in our dealings with each other, and with those outside the XGC community; Be willing to make honest recommendations and accept those of junior personnel; Encourage new ideas and deliver the bad news, even when it is unpopular; Abide...


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What makes a community a community?

The word community comes from the Latin communis, meaning "common, public, and shared by all or many."

People have formed communities from the days of the earliest hunter-gatherers. Communities are distinguished by enough participants in a group caring for the common good, developing a sense of community, in which they give of themselves. A crucial factor is the balance between self-interest and shared interests. Whatever drives people to cooperate in the first place is not as important in the context of community as what makes them continue to associate. Lasting ties between and among people are what is important in the formation of viable communities. Successful efforts by a mix of participants tend to attract the attention of other less-connected individuals who may seek to join a group that is succeeding.

The majority of the founding Leaders of Xiled Gaming, came together to launch...