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RAGENRUSSIN has been a part of SYN since 2018 when he joined Xiled Gaming. He has been a part of leadership many times, helping different divisions creating multiple clans. I became his Section Leader in November of 2019 when RAGENRUSSIN joined SYN Wrath 7 as a Sergeant. He worked so hard and had so much determination in team work with his fellow leaders in building, recruiting, training members that he eventually worked his way back up to General, by splitting his squad and splitting into a new clan SYN Pride 7. He worked so hard and was so proud and I remember his exact words during this time that he has so much Pride that is why he came up with this name.

He was a very fine General and was very proud of his clan, SYN Pride 7. RAGENRUSSIN left behind several close friends in Xiled Gaming. As in SYN, we are all family here and we all game and interact daily. My Section Generals are planning a Memorial Night for RAGENRUSSIN on Friday, October 2nd @ 10pm EST which will be streamed and put on Facebook for his family and friends at home to watch also.

If you would like to share a memory that you might have about RAGENRUSSIN please share. He was such a funny young man and will always be in our hearts. He will always be missed but never forgotten!

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I wanted to share this with everyone, This message is from his RagenRussin's Dad
Jim Macone
We never totally understood the gaming world like most of our generation. He would always say he has allot of friends on line but we never thought to this extent. Thank you for enlightening us old folks 😏,and thank you for sharing this. Rip Garrett
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Rage, you were one of my best friends and I honestly don't even feel like playing Xbox anymore. It just doesn't feel the same without having you there constantly making everyone laugh and just generally putting everyone in a better mood. You will be forever missed brother.
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