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SYN General promotion SYN Ember

Please congratulate
SYN Ember
Promotion of General over SYN Purgatory!!

SYN Ember was recruited into SYN Nightmare November 23,2017. Where her dedication to her squad earned her the opportunity to be chosen for a lieutenant over Resurrection squad under SYN Teal. Once SYN Nightfall spilt off. SYN Ember was promoted to captain of her own squad (Mirage). SYN Ember worked very closely with her general to built up SYN Nightfall to the point of a clan split.
SYN Purgatory was born!
After taking some personal time away from the community. SYN Ember found herself missing her beloved community. SYN Ember came back into SYN Blackwater where she quickly got back into swing of
things, helping with the growth and development with a goal in mind. to resurrect her old clan SYN Purgatory back to its former glory. SYN Ember strived to be the best leader her members deserved.
Now it gives me Great pleasure in Congratulating SYN Ember to the position of General over SYN Purgatory!!
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