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Xiled Gaming
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On Date: 5/7/2022
Starting at 8 pm Est - Midnight

This is a Community-Wide Event for Registered members of Xiled Gaming as well as Recruits and/or Potential Recruits to participate in.

In this Tournament, You and your team will be placed in a 100-player bracket amongst other participants. The Tournament will start on May 7th, 2022, at approximately 8 pm Eastern Time and continue through midnight. Whichever team reaches 3 WINS first will be crowned the 2022 Xiled Gaming Pubg Winners.

If you and your team are late to the Tournament, you will have to wait until the next game starts. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in this Tournament. As a reminder, we are all here to play games and have fun so therefore Honor Code Rules and Guidelines still applies.

Each Team is allowed to Live Stream their games but, if you are caught Stream Sniping, your team will automatically be disqualified from the tournament. Cheating will not be tolerated whatsoever. Please remember to always be professional and respectful.
Your Team can consist of only Duos, Trios, and or Quads! NO SOLOs!

PUBG is primarily Crossplay only for XBOX and Playstation

Winning Team Prize will consist of
  • FrontPage Interview of all participants
  • Recognition of the Team on Discord and social media
  • Personalized PUBG Signature with your Team Name and Gamertag
  • $30 each (Xbox, Steam, or PlayStation Card)
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