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Vets Edits

Forum Nub
Jan 5, 2015
Lakeland Florida
1) Vets Edits : Same as my gt

2) I use a manipulated amount of programs i use After Effects 3ds Max Sapphire Lens Generator Photoshop CC and CS6 for 3d Constructions and manipulations for my renders i use after effects and i take my time obviously as you can go to my youtube channel to see my work : http://youtube.com/nikkyyhd

3) I mostly input and could say i have had 8 years if not 10 but only because i started editing when my father did and then i became a professional artist working for sony and what not current deisgn port is not that well but it is mostly up to standards http://vetsarts.carbonmade.com
4) MY current editing team is 21 degrees they are known in the editing community as well as the people who edit for them ? no this will not but atm i am finishing a project but i will intervene it and make time for the players that i see here and i am willing to give this team i great start to the road to success even though it has i just want to help more proivinding strategies and what not but thank you and i will enjoy your response