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Tips on Recruiting

KoG Revan XS

Section Leader
Grass Wasn't Greener
Jul 3, 2007
Sacramento, Ca
When using LOOKING FOR GROUP POSTS on Xbox One, always proceed with caution. Remember that not all players who show interest in the post are quality players. What I've always done is converse with them first, then give them an insight on what to expect. Basically talk about the community and the three different divisions and what the criterias are.

KoG is known as the FAMILY ORIENTED division, 16+ years old

— SYN (SYNdicate)
SYN is more of the UNDERGROUND division, 16+ years old

XGC is for the MATURE gamers and is 18+ with no acceptance.

* If potential recruits are under the age requirement, they are required to wait until the age of 16yrs.
* If XGC is recruiting and so happens to come across a member that is under the age requirement for that division, they are allowed to see if a clan in the other two divisions are willing to accept the recruit.
* Now it doesn't mean drop them instantly because they're under age. It means invite them to GAME NIGHTS or any other clan activities. Continue showing interest in them and making sure they feel welcomed so when they do meet the requirements, they would still show interest in joining the community.

When recruiting, remember to observe how well they work as a team, how often they do call outs, and how their personality ties in with the rest of the clan members. Having a high kill death ratio doesn't define how one plays. Every kill counts whether they go negative or positive in a game. At times, Looking for Group posts can also lead to bad recruits who are either negative or isn't looking to join a clan.
* Under no circumstances do we jump into a lobby and ask IF ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED IN JOINING A CLAN, JOIN MY INVITE and instantly read them in. NO... it takes spending that quality time with them and getting to know them from a person's perspective view. Run a few games with them and let them get the feel of how the clan works. Remember to be courteous and professional at all times, whether you are holding a leadership position or not. Anything out of the ordinary can easily turn them away leaving them with a sour taste in their mouth. It is our goal as members of this community to treat every player we come across as potential recruits.

* Before reading in a recruit, make sure that they meet the age requirement for the division that you are in. SYN (16+) KoG (16+) XGC (18+)
* Where they're from, and if they've been in the community or any clans before.
* Make sure there is always a member of leadership (Lieutenant and higher) in the party with you at all times as a witness to making sure the Honor Code and Rank Structure is correctly read and explained in detail in case a situation comes up.
* Once a recruit is read in, they have a minimum of 1 week to register on XILEDGAMING.COM. In doing so, it would be easier to have them go ahead and register after the read in to ensure that the registration is indeed processed.
* New recruits are to register using their GAMERTAG as their username.
*If they are under the age of 16yrs, the website registration will be denied.
* Once registration is complete, they must go into their email and verify the link that is sent to them. Now, if the recruit registered without using his/her gamertag as the username, they are required to go onto the website and request a username change, please follow the proper format.