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News Team Consideration and Application Format

Applications are only to be posted in this parent forum. If you are wanting to submit a one-time article to the News Team, please feel free to do so through the Community Creations Forum located in the TEAMS section.

The News Team is looking for members that have an interest in writing about games, leaders in the community, tips/tricks to make gaming more fun, and so much more. By joining the Xiled Gaming News Team you will help share new and exciting information in gaming with the members of our community.

Here are some things to consider before submitting your application for consideration as a potential News Team member:

1) Understand the basics of writing and grammar.
2) Ability to use spell check effectively.
3) Understand the audience for which you are writing (For whom are you writing the article).
4) Ability to cite the sources used in article (if this is not a custom article that was written).

These are the preferred and ideal parameters that we would like for applicants to already have an understanding of. If you have the capability to teach yourself with assisted guidance, we can build you to be adequate for the team.

t Applicants should only post in their own application thread, please do not post in another applicant’s threads. If you wish to talk to them, please send them a PM on the site or add them to your friend's list to speak with them (i.e., Discord, Kik, Xbox, PC).

The following is the format for submitting your application:

Gamer Tag/User Name
2) Any writing experience that you may have (it’s okay if you have none)?
3) What type of news are you interested in sharing or reporting?
4) Based on your interests in the News Team, please submit a sample of an article.

***NOTE: When applying, you must submit a custom article or give credit to your news source! Anyone found copying and pasting from other people and/or websites, claiming them as their own, will have their application terminated indefinitely and be removed from the team!

Journalists are those that have met the requirements by submitting a minimum of one (1) article a month. These members have proven their dedication to the News Team. They have written multiple articles and are continuing to do so. These members have been given the News Team Usergroup Banner and have their own Forum in the “Journalists” Forum, as a result, to post articles for review.

Thank you for your consideration in joining the News Team. We look forward to reading your application and considering you as an addition to the team.
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