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Feb 5, 2017
[h=3]CLAN SPLIT FORMAT[/h] This thread is used to keep a record of all clan splits.

Clans can and will split with a minimum of 20 members and a maximum of 30 members. This is a guideline not a rule.
Clans will split when leadership in the clan is ready! Regardless of how many members are in the clan!

The Clan must have a complete clan structure in place.

One General, One Captain, One Lieutenant and their group of people leave to start the new clan. (6-10 members including the General, Captain, Lieutenant)

There is no minimum or maximum of sergeants or privates to complete a clan split.

Sections Leaders will add all of the moved members to their friend list and be available to assist with questions and recruiting if necessary. Anything to ensure the success of both clans.

A Section leader must be extremely involved in the new clan as well as the split clan to ensure success of the squads until the clan reaches 20 members. The Section Leader must also ensure that no one is left behind.

All of the following information needs to be posted by the Section Leaders to assist the Division Leaders in approving the clan split as well as to keep record of it. It is recommend that you just copy and paste the info below into your request and then fill in the details needed. *** You Must Follow this format or your request will be DENIED.***

Name of the Clan to be split:
Name of the General of the clan to be split:
Total members of the clan prior to the split:

Proposed Split Clan Name:
Name of the General of the new clan:
Name of the Captain of the new clan:
Name of the LT of the new clan:
List all other members going to the new clan:
Total members going to the new clan:

Updated Clan List for the clan that is being split:

Total members after the split:
A Division Leader will review your information and mark the status as Pending. If additional information is required it will be posted under your request. You will need to address any issues immediately or your request will be Denied.
All Clan Splits will be discussed at the Sunday Meeting and a decision made at that time.
Once the clan split is approved or denied the approving leader must reply to the request conforming it is approved or explain why it was denied.