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  • Hi Viper. I have an Xbox One now but my Kinect died. I'll have to go exchange my Xbox One for another one.
    ty man i finally got it working. I just hope some of the music does not offend. It's what i grew up with ! And how would i go about getting the site supporter banner ? I did pay for a platinum membership. So is that not supporting ? Also the XG addict ?
    That makes sense. I think I figured out how to do it as a GiF, had to use a different photo upload site that could handle the larger file sizes
    question. for usergroup banners, is mp4 ok as a video file? I have created some cool effect banners in Adobe After Effects, but the files will not encode properly to PNG or GIF
    hey viper, i can't get my music to work on my profile. I've tried everything and nothing works ?? Could i ask for some assistance ?
    hey biitch take a look at your ****y division leaders you piece of ****....
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