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XGC Phntm XD
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  • Long time no see! How's it hanging bro!?
    XGC Phntm XD
    XGC Phntm XD
    Ohhh look who it is how’s it going man! Life has been good thus far hit me up on the box sometime lets catch up!
    Hey Phantom! It's been awhile. How are you? I hope all's well :) I just wanted to stop by and let you know I'm hosting a game night on BO3 Tuesday the 31st of this month at 9et, can you let your people know for me? Any that are interested tell them to feel free to add me and I'll make sure they get an invite! Thanks. Have a good one!
    Hey sent you a message on Discord
    Hey I've got a person looking to join a primarily rocket league group. Thought you might want a receuit for Ground Zero? HMU
    Not a problem. Anytime you wanna play hit me up. And lol ew minecraft... quiet sad I got removed from XGC but I'm working on coming back!
    RIGHT!? Been literally forever, glad to hear you're doing good bro! I'm okay though life has been strange lol, just mostly meddling around on photoshop and just started PC gaming so it's been great as of late, still new to the whole gaming not on a console thing, but I'm really enjoying it lol. It's great to see you still active and still up there in leadership, it makes me happy still knowing a couple people round these parts lol.
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