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SYN Deadly
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  • Hey I had removed my self from the permition group and off ECLIPSE for good now all woofu has to do is put the request to remove me from the clan and I will be free of all the bull **** and drama sorry to leave but like u hard said that it's hard to keep a caption like me in a clan bc of the clan nice meeting u though as a friend
    In your music thread in your Section Leader forum, can I post remixes that I have made of other songs as well, or just original songs?
    Hello. I'm being ignored by everyone else, so, I am coming to you now. I am not a member of Eclipse nor have i ever been. I was not a member of DevilDogs either. Woohoo wanted me to join, but, I didn't. ..... why am I on any list for eclipse? This needs to be taken care of immediately. Please & thank you.
    I posted this about you and recommended you for a Valued Leader position. I thought that I should share this with you.

    "SYN Fairy XS has always been there for people when they need her support. She is one of the most friendly and most reliable people here in the community. Her commitment to this community is what makes her such a great leader. Yes, she does know higher-ups in the community. However, that doesn't stop her from recognizing and playing with people below her rank. She will go far and beyond to help someone in need. She knows what she is doing and may go further in this community in time. She should be recognized as a valued leader as she is one of the greatest people and leaders to know."
    Random KAOS

    Will be hosting a GAME NIGHT
    through the events team
    Jan. 21st @ 5pm Eastern
    ( its a Sunday ;) )
    Join me and SYN xBugZ XS

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