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KoG KiLo69
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  • How's it goin'?
    Just stopping by to say hey and to introduce myself. I'm BeautifulOutlaw , One of the Captains in XGC Annihilation. Hope to cross paths and play with you sometime. Unfortunately I have COD Ghost, but refuse to play. So I hang out on COD BO2. I heard you played with my Husband last night, he said your a pretty cool fella. Glad to hear that. His name happens to be XGC BOOTLEGGER. Shhh, he gets big headed. lmfao. Just kidding. Anyway, Were glad to have you :]

    Take Care,
    &- Beauty<3
    Yo KiLo how's it goin? This is XGC DUECES...I'm a CPT in XGC Annihilation! Just wanted to introduce myself and hopefully we can game sometime together soon! I ha e BO2. And heard you were quite good with a tamahawk lol...anyways hit me up sometime and ill game with ya always nice to game with my XS...cya on the battlefield bro......DUECES!
    Yea i know but its also tge **** outside of xgc then something like tonight with a member (my LT) which is sooo confusing to me but gotta keep reminding myself that its all about having fun and gaming...
    Between u and me, r u still on the 360?? I Wanna run with ya again
    yes im sure and thank you feel free to make it look kool i just wanted it to be black n baby blue with a kilogram symbol
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