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It is my absolute honor to introduce you to XGC MOSTLY, General of XGC Evolution.

MOSTLY (also known as MARS during his time in the community) joined years ago, and has spent time floating around XG. Spending time in each division, and multiple clans, he was well versed in the website, discord, and members.

He came into his clan in April of 2023. Even when he was a sergeant, he took on other responsibilities, and did more than necessary for the growth of the clan. Although he was positive he didn't want leadership again, he was the first one that showed up when the clan needed someone. He has been a huge part of the growth and cultivation this clan needed from the ground up- all while earning the friendship and respect of his clan.

XGC MOSTLY has been absolutely crucial in the growth of XGC Evolution. . He leads quietly, but by example and I couldn't ask for a better fit General for Evolution. This is only the beginning for him. I can't wait to see all he is capable of doing with the mindset he has! Thank you for all you do for the community!
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