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Council Leader
Council Leader
Oct 21, 2006
What does it mean to become a great team leader?

Walter J. Lippman said, "The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and will to carry on." Leadership is fundamentally about influence; it is about influencing people for great purposes.

It may seem more necessary for a General or a Section leader to become a great leader, but even the lowest person on the clan totem pole can become a leader because any person can have influence. Warren G. Bennis said, "The most dangerous leadership myth is that leaders are born." Most leaders are not great leaders, and becoming a great team leader does not happen by birth or by accident, it takes dedication, good decision-making, and years of learning by experience.

Whom do you want to follow? Who are the people who challenge you to be your best and make you want to do your best? Who are the people who have passed on their ideals, standards, and character traits to you? These are your leaders, look at them for examples of what a leader is and does.

In a survey, Generals overwhelmingly named communication as the most important skill of a leader. Great leaders recognize leadership as a two-way street of communication, they communicate goals and objectives, and they heed the advice and feedback of team members.

Becoming a great team leader means becoming a person who has a vision beyond today. Beyond that, however, it means influencing others with that vision and empowering them to move on it; all the while staying just a step ahead.
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