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Daidan RNG

Jan 24, 2017
What's up guys, this article is going to be on Rainbow Six Siege Operation Burnt Horizon. With this update we got 2 new Ops, a new map, and several adjustments to some previous Ops and maps. This was by far one of the largest updates they've released, bringing with it complete reworks to different Ops, removing lean spamming, bringing back drop shotting, and much more. Since this update is so large, I'm going to go over the new Ops, their weapons, gadgets, and the new map. I will add everything else straight from the patch notes, and leave a link at the end for everyone to go over it themselves.

First off I'm going to go over the new Ops. Coming from SASR, these are the first 2 Australian Ops to be brought in to R6S. 1 Defender, and 1 Attacker with both bringing a new gadgets from the great Australian Outback. Let's go over it.

The new Attacker we have is Gridlock. She is a 3 Armor 1 Speed beauty. Bringing a new gadget called Trax Stingers. This is gadget that deploys several spiked mats over any area that will slow down and injure enemies. There are 3 separate canisters to release the Trax Stingers, so that makes it perfect for setting up a trap while planting the bomb defuser.
Next will be a small list of the weapons, and secondary gadgets available with Gridlock.

F90- AR

Super Shotty- Shotgun
SDP 9mm- Pistol

Smoke Grenade x2
Breach Charge x3

Next up is the new Defender Mozzie. He is a 2 armor, 2 speed daredevil with a love of dirtbikes. Bringing with him a new gadget called a Pest Launcher. This unique claw looking gadget hacks Attacker's drones, and takes complete control of them. It's very useful against Twitch.
Now I'm going to list his Weapons, and secondary gadgets.

Commando 9- AR
P10 Roni- SMG

Super Shotty- Shotgun
SDP 9mm- Pistol

Barbed Wire x2
Nitro Cell x1

Now for the new map Outback. Based in the Australian Outback, this map is a great example of how much effort the creators put into the game. It might be just a basic R6S map when you first try it, but taking into account that this map has multiple hidden meanings, and signs, this map is alot more than meets the eye. From the name of the building Hanley's Roadhouse being a reference to Timothy Hanley, who is another SASR member from early Rainbow Six games, to a sign outside of the play area saying Creatures of Australia with kangaroos jumping around behind it. Besides all of that, this map is a 2 story, and is a medium size map. Having multiple places perfect for spawn peeking, and even a couple for tossing a nitro cell into the spawn area, this map is guaranteed to keep you on your toes.

The following is the rest of the patch notes with a link to the website I got it from.

Y4S1 Burnt Horizon Patch Notes

We’ve made a number of changes and updates over the course of the Burnt Horizon Season Test Server. Below you will find a list of changes and updates.

To help optimize player experience for future updates, we are also in the process of restructuring how our game data is stored – this will help consolidate and reduce the overall game size. This means that the Burnt Horizon Patch will be larger than normal. Patch sizes for each platform will be provided prior to maintenance.



Previous camera placement at a full lean allowed players to fire without being completely exposed. As part of our fix to counteract lean spamming, we are shifting the camera to the center of the head instead of the far side of the head, even when at a “full lean”.


With Y4S1, we have cleaned up the animations in the back end, and streamlined them. This will allow us more freedom to implement new features and unique aspects of the game in the future, as the overall animation development pipeline has been streamlined. We have also updated the new running animations based on the player feedback we received so that the head lean is less aggressive to make the sprint animation look more natural.

Minimum Clearance Level for Ranked Playlist increased from 20 to 30.

Reduction in HP after being revived from a DBNO state: PvP = 20 (down from 50), THunt = 15.

Holosight color is now determined by the base skin of the weapon it is equipped on.



Back to Wind Bastion version.

We're reverting Capitao back to his Wind Bastion version while we take a look at and evaluate the data and feedback we've gathered.


Auto – hangup timer of Dokkaebi calls reduced to 12 seconds (down from 18).

We're cutting down the amount of time it takes to auto–hangup a call based on feedback, so mom will go to voicemail faster now.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed – When prone, moving/turning the camera even slightly will cause the Operator to make noise.

This problem is tied to the shield operator rotation fix for Y4S1, so we're reverting back to the old rotation system for the time being.

What that means for the Shield Rotation Desync fix: While we have reverted the new rotation system for now to address the rotational noise issues, we're going to work on improvements to the rotation system and the shield desync fix so neither is an issue. Unfortunately, this means that the shield rotation desync issue will be present again for the time being. We are still targeting some time during Y4S1 for the shield rotation fix to be implemented, and will update players when we have more info.

Fixed – Incorrect kill feed Death Icon.

Fixed – Attacker's still receive electric damage even after leaving electrified reinforced walls.

Fixed – Defenders are not being affected by Mute's Jammer when prone (players not registered as being within the AOE buff, blue indicator missing, cleanse not in effect).

Fixed – Attackers can control a drone if they deploy a drone while being injured at the same time.

Fixed – Transition animation from prone to sprint is almost instantaneous (the worm).

Fixed – Moving while prone and leaning produces no sound.

Fixed – Deploy and pick up animations are broken for the shield operators in 1st and 3rd person when using the breach charge.

Fixed – Shield clipping when a shielded operator reload while aiming down at the ground.



Fixed – Defenders pushed back by Nomad's Airjab into Gridlock's Trax Stingers destroy them without taking any damage.

Fixed – Gridlock's Trax Stingers sometimes don't deploy.

Fixed – Gridlock's M249 SAW contains an extra bullet.

Fixed – Gridlock's F90 reload animation restarts if the reload animation is interrupted.


Fixed – Pest is unusable if deployed on Mute's Jammer.

Fixed – Pest can hack drones through single bullet holes on single layered destroyable surfaces.


Fixed – Alibi's hologram still appears even when an Attacking Operator is moving through/on top of the gadget while in prone.


Fixed – Fire rate of Buck and Blackbeard's DMR in PVE are too low.


Fixed – Fire rate on Caveira’s Luison is lower than intended.


Fixed – Barbed wire is being electrified when vertically outside of the active radius of Kaid's Rtila.


Fixed – Ying’s Burnt Horizon headgear model collapses her character model.

IQ -

Fixed – When sprinting, IQ keeps her gadget up to her face.

Fixed – Popping animation when IQ is prone and leaning with her gadget.

Fixed – Leaning with IQ's gadget while rappelling is not replicated from a third person POV on her model.

Level Design:

Fixed – Various level of detail fixes across maps.


Fixed – Sound does not propagate through a section of the floor in 2F office in Outback.

Fixed – Players can vault onto the fridge in 1F Convenience Store in Outback.

Fixed – Pixel line of sight in Compressor of Outback.

Fixed – Players can get stuck inside a barrel after vaulting the fence in EXT Storage Yard of Outback.

Fixed – Players can get onto the ceiling tarp in Gear Store in Outback.

Fixed – Players can plant the defuser on the ceiling tarp in Gear Store in Outback.

Fixed – Players can vault onto the shelf in 1F Garage in Outback.

Fixed – Players cannot place barbed wire on 2F Back Stairs of Outback.

Fixed – Defenders are being detected on the Stairs in 2F Outback.

Fixed – Defuser can't be planted on the North side of 1F Bushranger room in Outback.

Fixed – Vaulting inconsistency in Convenience Store in Outback.

Fixed – Spawn locations are misplaced on the Outback map overview.


Fixed – Placeholder model can be found in the 4F Cockpit on Yacht.

User Experience:

Fixed – The black holographic sight takes more space in the screen than the brown one.

Fixed – Visual issues with some models' eyes + eyelashes.

Fixed – After cooking a frag grenade until it explodes, the grenade model remains + nearby grenade indicator remains for other players.

Fixed – Overexposure of items when viewing in the shop/preview when switching between items.

Fixed – In PvE/custom, hostage can be picked up before the progress bar is full.

Fixed – Operators missing VO lines in the Article 5 PvE mission.

Fixed – Character animations freeze in the main menu.

Fixed – Pistol appears in the hands of an Operator when throwing their Drone.

Fixed – Holographic sight is sometimes reflective and unusable.

Fixed – Laser attachment is slightly misaligned with the mod rail for the SASR’s Super Shorty.

Fixed – FPS Drops.


Fixed – All skins/uniforms should now be available and correctly skinned/equippable.

Fixed – The "Ocean's Teeth" Weapon Skin for IQ's 552 Commando is unavailable.

Fixed – Crocodylus weapon skin missing texture.

Fixed – Some legacy weapon skins missing for the Primary and Secondary shotgun for SASR ops.

Fixed – Volcano and some weapon skins apply to the .44 Mag Semi–auto's scope.

Fixed – Elite Ash Chibi isn't displaying when equipped on Shields.

Fixed – Minor errors in the loadout description of Hibana's Elite skin.

Fixed – Spelling error on Mozzie's badge in bio.


Alright ladies and gentlemen, that will close out this article. I know it was a decent amount of reading to do, but I know some people would love to know about it. I hope you all enjoyed it, and I'll talk to you guys next time.