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Potential Team Activities (2019 Update)


Jul 23, 2018
(This list was created originally w/ the idea of applying it within my clan, but the way I see it I believe other players could get behind one, or two, or more of these ideas - Especially w/holidays coming up)
Potential Team Activities

10-03-2019, 09:55 AM
I had created a page for this exact thing around a year ago (Near last December) That had suggested a multitude of potential means for us as a group to sorta.. "get out of the box" with some nonsensical gamer ways.

The initial reason I started (the original post) was based on a typical "Secret Santa" idea for our Friction clan to participate in.
That spurred me into other means of growing more as a group while connecting through new games, conversations, topic points, and finding new additions for the current Clan-Mates.

1. Secret Santa (Speaks for itself)
Beforehand I simply mentioned the idea, but I believe by actually STARTING the activity it may implore others to be more generous in return towards other in the Clan in regards to the Santa activity.
Around late Dec. time. I PERSONALLY (if allowed under XGC Guidelines)would enjoy sending out a few Xbox Codes at random using an online Randomizer.

2. Birthday Bash(er)
-Every 3/4 Months- (or more depending on # of members & # of members w/bdays in same month)
We gather the names of those who have had Birthdays in said time zones, then place all names into a metaphorical "hat" and one Birthday Boy/Gal- will win some sort of prize.

3. Rising Recruit Reward / Promising Private Program
If we or some individuals witness a (Genuine) loyal and promising person(s) we may choose to Voluntarily Highlight that/those person(s) Achievements and/or Unexpected Feats Accomplished, etc-
And Gift a (player provided) Group Gift for their Actions within Friction, and XGC as a whole.
(May be allowed to give personally during a group meeting at verified time segment. Or, May Be given personally in private. Perhaps the giving player mentions why they see said Recruit/Private is deserving of said gift)

4. Game Night Events (Based On Players State (chosen) Affiliation - (Ex. LeYirS of Michigan)
Competition or CooPerative game night events underlying the use of players State (chosen) Affiliations.
Inspired by Typical present-day IRL Sporting Events and their-own ability to increase community growth.

5. The Warrior Awards
Digital "Patches" that are provided after successfully completing a pre-determined gaming-related activity.
Voluntary persons may choose to participate in a Community program providing Fun & Creative "Virtual Badges" to said party persons after completion of (a) specified gaming achievement(s).

If anybody has ideas or potential modifications, etc
Please comment! <3

UPDATE: OCT 13, 19

6. The Show-Zone
A specific Online Location for members to input player submitted gaming clips, photos, or other activity related gaming visuals.
Said photos, clips could be used for archives, mementos, bragging rights, community activities, record-setting, even "Challenge" events for Awards.

7. The Friction Holiday Luncheon
For many, Holidays come as a time of joy and ecstasy that melts you away to a place that has you within a comfortable bliss. The sounds of family chatting, glasses clinking, music blanketing the white noise.. nothing could get better.
For some, it is seen as a time to remain reserved and conservative. The waking realization that the family event is unavailable, or unavoidable, may stir others to a more discomforting level bordering even anxiousness or perhaps a slight agitation.
For those dealing w/complex situations no matter how personal or impersonal they maybe, I don't want people to remain isolated during "happy times" simply because of a Toxic family environment.
(whether you're the instigator or the victim, it doesn't matter)

A potential time-frame(could) be set up around holiday events (at non-traditional times to avoid overlapping plans) for volunteer members to host or visit a meeting with other members that may not be as fortunate when it comes to Holiday Social gatherings that may/may not be toxic in some nature.
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Jul 23, 2018
Open Party Policy Program -

Open-Party Policy : (Enabled)
At all times you will have enabled and openly displayed the Xbox Party Chat - Set To Open. This allows any members to be aware of your availability based upon assumption. One objective of this voluntary program is to give any members that may prefer this type of communication, to have easy access in a more, "Real-Time" like fashion.

Open-Party Policy : (Disabled)
When you No-Longer are available for Open-Party Communication, you are not to simply kick players unknowingly at will. You must inform members you will no longer be available and let them leave within a Grace Period of 1-5 Minutes. If no players are present prior to you becoming unavailable, simply enable the, Do Not Disturb Mode on your Xbox Profile. If you continue receiving messages simply clarify you are unavailable to the player or parties, you are not to block another Clanmate unless it becomes severe to a Probable Point.
A suggestion is to access the Preferences tab in the Xbox Settings, from there disable your Notifications to avoid potential Spam.