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My side of things


Jan 26, 2021
The Future
So I know I was wrong in flying off the handle.
With that being said I’d like to explain my side. And what he told me. I was told we are not to question his posts or what he says or does. As well as it’s his job to go to leadership about a problem without trying to work it out with the person.
I have NEVER had a problem with anyone in XGC I loved XGC and I worry about the clans that were under me.
Now with that being said I’ve had nothing but problems with phantom and his leadership skills since his return. I worked well with everyone. No other XD ever had an issue with me.
This guy was very passive aggressive towards me in the meeting and was looking to get me to quit. He got his wish.
I have always been one to help and have had section leaders come to me as well as General from all sections and divisions whom I helped and gave advice to.
I truly am sorry it has come to this. But I don’t like being lied to no matter how small or big the lie. I truly tried to resolve this I tried to remain calm but in the end as he stated one of us was gonna be demoted if we can’t work together and it wouldn’t be him. And then stated he can never work with me. I did record the meeting because I have no trust for this person
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