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Jan 7, 2017
1) Gamer Tag/User Name


2) Any writing experience that you may have (it’s okay if you have none)?

I write an occasional blog on the website every know and then of encouraging words.

3) What type of news are you interested in sharing or reporting?

These are the types of news (not necessarily in this order):

Interviews, XBOX related material (I am an XBOX Ambassador), encouraging words, tips/tricks for different games, and website guide info (if possible)

4) Based on your interests for the News Team, please submit a sample of an article.

Call of Duty: Map Routing and Running

When it comes to playing Call of Duty, most people will instinctively want to run toward the middle of the map. However, running around the outside will, on most occasions, have its advantages. For starters, there aren't as many directions that an enemy or even a teammate, if you are playing Hardcore, can shoot you from. If you are playing games like Domination or Team Deathmatch, running around the outside of the map can help you flank behind the enemy and allow you to take them out without there knowledge, for the most part, of you even being there. This will allow you to either take control of the position or will allow you to get control of the map. However, don't stay there for too long as you may flip the spawns, unless that was what you were trying to accomplish. Another method that I see most people in Call of Duty games use is unidirectional running. This means that they run the same routes, regardless of where the enemy is. This also means that they will keep running with their teammates. Usually what I do in this case is if I see a group of my teammates running in one direction, I will run in the opposite going in the same general direction. There are 2 things that can happen as a result of this. A) You take one of 3 typical paths that is the least taken, allowing you to reach the enemy from a direction that they were least expecting. B) You will run into the enemy and either kill them or be a distraction, allowing your teammates to kill them.

Another thing that is useful when it comes to map routing are the callouts. Calling out the enemy position to your teammates allows for better communication which allows for better Map Running and knowing where to run. If you were to play defense in Domination, knowing which direction an enemy is coming from and when an enemy is coming is crucial to keep your captured objective.

When you play Call of Duty, I hope that these map routing and map running tips will better prepare you for future battles of war.
Not open for further replies.