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KoG Section Leader Promotions

Xiled Gaming
Kings of Gaming would like to Congratulate
KoG Caper XS and KoG UPS XS
on their promotions to Section Leader.

It has been great watching both of you grow into such amazing and proactive leaders.

KoG Caper XS was recruited on October 17th, 2020 by her former Section Leader, KoG KodaK XS, into a game that some may look at as unachievable to build. Against all odds,
KoG KodaK XS pushed through and from one recruit to multiple in a matter of a short time period, KoG Caper XS made her debut.
January 2022, KoG Caper XS was promoted to General over KoG Hellhounds, and from then on, after multiple splits that came from this clan, KoG Caper decided to take on a new name and build a legacy for herself, thus creating what is now KoG Pride. The positive vibes carried from one clan to the other surrounding the four clan splits out of KoG Hellhounds have thrived and continued to press forward. PUBG parties/lobbies with these guys are a blast and I always look forward to seeing where it takes them.

KoG UPS XS was recruited into Xiled Gaming on November 5th, 2017 into SYN Shipwrecked. I do not know much about him during that time frame as I had just transferred into the clan. I recall hopping into their Black Ops 2 game and no one wanted to run against me.
Throughout the years of knowing KoG UPS XS, there have been quite a lot of ups and downs.
A lot of learning and a lot of teaching. You have definitely come a long way from the old days and I cannot be any more proud of how far you've come.

KoG Caper XS and KoG UPS XS
Again, Congratulations on your Promotions to Section Leaders. This was a promotion well deserved for both of you and I am looking forward to what the future holds for you
and the Endeavors that come your way.