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KoG Promotion: KoG LILSTONE

on your promotion to General
KoG Leviathan!

KoG LILSTONE joined the community during Oct 2020 on CoD: MW. In fact, she was the last recruit I recruited as a General over KoG Leviathan before being promoted to Section Leader!

KoG LILSTONE, believe it or not, was timid when she first joined XG shocker, right?! Though with time, she started opening up and making tons of friends in this community.
During her time in Leviathan, she became very passionate about the community and helping it grow. She never planned on taking up leadership as she is a full-time college student and didn't think she could do it, but through motivation and passion, she made her first steps into leadership. She couldn't wait to get to Captain as her favorite phrase to say to not only me but everyone was, "I am the Captain now!"

KoG LILSTONE, as a Captain, stepped up when her General needed to step away and helped run the clan alongside me. She is the definition of what true communication should be! By showing her hard work and passion for this community, she was promoted to General over KoG Leviathan. She continues to expand her knowledge of the community and finding ways to help those around her. The love and dedication that she shows for this community and its members go above and beyond.

Congratulations, KoG LILSTONE! I am excited to work with you and watch your clan, KoG Leviathan, continue to grow. Keep up the amazing work, and remember always to have fun!

"Who I am is not important; my message is."
- Revan