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General Promotion XxRumbleBeexX

SYN General Promotion - XxRumbleBeexX

XxRumbleBeexX originally joined on Sep 28, 2020 . XxRumbleBeexX joined SYN Xiled Kings . While his time in Xiled Kings he worked hard and started taking interest in the clan as a whole. XxRumbleBeexX soon Spilt off from SYN XILED KINGS and SYN Brotherhood came alive. where he worked hard to achieve his goals of reaching leadership. Through hard work and pure diligence, he got his chance. XxRumbleBeexX has worked closely with his leadership showing he had what it took to be an effective leader. XxRumbleBeexX has displayed the drive to achieve any goal for himself while helping his fellow members and assisting in the growth of the community.

So it gives me great pleasure in congratulating XxRumbleBeexX on his promotion to General over SYN BROTHERHOOD!!!
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