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Lewd Mist

Oct 31, 2017
Black Ops 4 Multiplayer From Release to Now

Since Black Ops 4(BO4) came out it has been a blast from the past, as well as somewhat of a rage fest. With the game having a vaguely similar feel to Black Ops 2 game play, and as well as BO4 bring back old maps. The maps in question that were brought back were some fan favorites Jungle, Firing Range, Summit from the first Black Ops, and Slums from BO2.

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There were also some rage inducing things that happen at the start of launch. First, there was the problem of when downloading the game not being able to play it and having to uninstall and re install. Second, you had the crashes that would happen here and there, and for some people seemed like it crashed every day. Third, there was really bad connection when trying to play “Quads” in Blackout the Battle Royal part of BO4. Then finally, if you bought the more expensive editions of BO4 where you were given COD points to spend, and ten levels off the start of the tier system they would implement . You weren’t even able to spend them let alone you weren’t given them right away as the game became playable. Now it’s been a month what has changed?

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With all the problems I listed they were all fixed; except for the game crashing. The game crashes, but it’s rare to see it crash now. Those fixes weren’t the only thing that was changed about the game either! First, we were given a tier system where we get emotes, sprays, skins for the many characters, emblems, calling cards, and lastly some weapon variants. Now the tier system wasn’t out till after the game was playable, but it sure did make the game more enjoyable! They even added a part where you can pay to unlock the tiers, and this is all very similar to the tier system for Fortnite. As well as a feature that for your first win in multiplayer or first merit in Blackout you can skip a tier with getting the rewards as well every 24 hours.

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Overall, Black Ops 4 has made numerous changes within the short time it’s been out. All of the changes have also helped balanced the game for example buffing and nerfing guns in multiplayer and Blackout. I would defiantly say if you loved Black Ops 2 you will love Black Ops 4. The game has made big leaps from release to now, and even Black ops 4 made record sales this year too! If you haven’t tried it or are hesitant, I strongly urge you to try it out, and better yet you might just find your next favorite game.