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Dec 29, 2012
Hell, Texas
User Name/XBL GamerTag: SYN TX REDNECK
Clan Name: SYN KINGS
Rank: Captain
Gamer Division: SYN
Previous Application Date: -
Short Description of why you would like to be an Elite:

My base game so far is Black Ops 2, although i do have Titanfall and can get COD Ghosts if it's required of me. I'm a very competitive player, my score per minute on BO2 is usually 500ish. I play hardcore, but will play core if i have a decent team.

I don't just play to win, i will go positive K/D wise and will do my best to stomp my opponents into the ground. I'm a good sport, and only talk... trash ;) when people talk trash to me.

I also have quite a few competitive members in my squad. If i get to join I'd love to see if we could have a few competitive teams on BO2, as thats the base game most of my clan plays.

Have any questions my kik is TexasRedneck92.