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[10.29.20] Section Leader Class

XGC Tantaliz

May 11, 2012
Seattle, WA
If you are not a Section Leader, DO NOT post in this thread.

The Section Leader Class is for ALL Section Leaders.

This class will be 2 hours long and you must attend the entire class in order to get credit for it.

The class will be Thursday, October 29th @ 9pm EST.

It is not mandatory but highly recommended that you are able to get onto the website during the class.

There will be a max of 10 people in the class but that does not mean you shouldn’t sign up as all others will be put on the reserve list and invited if someone does not show up.

These classes will be ongoing so if you don’t get into this one keep watch for the next one and make sure to sign up for it.

To sign up, post your gamer tag below and send a friend request to XGC Tantaliz XC

Kof Drif XS
Kog Jedi XS
Kog Revan XS
Syn Krypt XS
Syn Quackers XS
Syn Sam XS
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