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  • my section leader is XGC ZEUS. he told me the only reason he will not let me transfer is because we already don't have enough members and he doesn't want to loose anyone. i'm not the only one he will not transfer. the original general, XGC Killer Ace, also wants out. i've been thinking about dropping completely out and not even worrying about a transfer
    Soooo..if I were to run around destroying things at your place of business..would you hit meh with a stun gun?
    Hey im going to give you a heads up, i think im going to be pissing alot of people off over this XGC Buckeye kid running his mouth off at me. So if there is any undo drama created from it, I apologize, im just done with this whole being nice to a kid that keeps up his little games. If you need any additional information ask me, also if this gets me kicked out of XGC. It was really great playing with you and all the XGC community. Thanks
    I got tired of the drama with people leaving,was getting really hard to find people to play with online.I had tried to reach out a few times to get people involved and noone really got into it.The whole purpose of being in a clan was gone,maybe in time when things are back to normal I will ask to come back.I have nothing against anyone in clan,but I am really stressed about not being able to find work and cant deal with the childish who did what...just not important.
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