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  • Sweet, nice banner homie! Thx for getting on the user group with the quickness! Anything you may need bro, hit up your leadership n we'll take care of it! Welcome back n now go out n meet the guys n have fun bro! Rule #1!! Tyl
    Don't forget squad lists and clan lists are due by the 1st of the month. If there are any changes u need me to do please let me know asap on my forum requests.
    Hey Smallville, was going threw the clans and say 101st is a Black Ops II clan along with some ghost. If you guys ever run into anyone that doesn't fit the age for XGC let me know koG Asylum is a black ops II clan as well, always glad to take some great gamers on my side of the house. Hope you have a great day!
    Hey man. Haven't heard from ya on the messages I have sent. Hit me up and let me know if u have any questions or anything
    i'll be on majority of the day. things i had to do today got cancelled. i will have the time to go through things more with you today then waiting until later tonight.
    what's up man ? hope everything is good. Happy holidays and i also hope it's a safe one !! take it easy !
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