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  • Attention. The Mojo will be playing live very soon. In just a day or so. Will be on with no mic though. But eventually get it. And hope i can recover my gamertag. Woo...
    Hey Mojo! Yup I'm on ps4 now! I'm glad to hear from you bro. There isn't many games on ps4 yet, but this fall Sony has a pretty good line up. I still have my Xbox 360 but I let my XBL expire because of my big bad PS 4 lol. I hope all is well with bro.
    Well hi there mojo!!!! Glad to hear from us, I've been wondering and worrying. Jack, Darkkend, Vicki, and I still play a good bit, biguy hasn't been on in a while though. Not much has changed since before really, my outlaws got destroyed by the people that took over, and I'm back to an lt again lol. Can't wait to game with you again buddy!!! So get some live and we will do something
    Lol yeah we can fly a helicopter and pick up other peoples cars and drop them in the ocean :) seems fun anyway. I hope you can get some Internet back soon, we need to shoot some people somehow haha
    I killed Trevor first, then went back and killed Michael, then went back and kept both alive lol and had 100% completion. Then started a new game and went through it fairly quickly but did some stock market stuff and ended up with around $2 billion per character :) and man mojo I am so ready to sweat my arse off, I'm sick of cold, it makes me sad :( when you get some Xbox live we will have to do some drive bys online lol
    Good to hear you doing well mojo. I'm probably not getting the XBone for another year or so maybe, too new and too much $$ for me to spend on it right now lol. So you should get ghosts and gta5, gotta have gta5 :) we just got like 6" of snow, I'm so tired of cold and snow, I'm ready for 90 degree days now wooohooo
    It can't be warm there as cold as has been here in tn!! What kind of job you working at to have such hours?? That's just crazy lol. Be safe and stay warm mojo!!
    I've been good, some stupid family problems, but good. Vicki and I are doing well and had a good Christmas (even though it was like the frozen arctic in Canada at Christmas). I don't remember of I told you but Darkkend stopped by for some Tennessee BBQ with me and jack a few months back, and myself, Vicki, and jack have met up with Bigtex and his family a few times. All good people and good times :) where are you now? You were in Maryland for a while weren't you?
    Hey buddy! I'm glad you are back online and healthy! I hope you get back gaming with us soon. And when your ready to get back into a clan let me know and we'll get you Rollin with a lot of the new people.
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