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  • doucheS. they got what they deserved. Faceup was the biggest brown noser. Spinz thought he was a bad ***. I see oblivion and honor still remain. I'm. I'm not coming back. Just happy to see section Foxhound still thriving. 007 can suck some demon **** n die before I return to KoG.
    Both those guys were douche bags. Glad they're gone.
    How's KoG? Oblivion? Honor? Just curious. Not wanting to come back until 007 sucks on a big donkey rooster and chokes to death.
    hernandasISBACK : Is currently in the process in going thew the grass is greener dude. I directed him to post his story although he "Went Inactive" I found a removal user from usergroup post in the archive and all of KoG Themis was removed 12/25/13 due to the whole clan up and left to VTV during the time.
    I have my back done cost me 5 grand for my back lol. The top part of it is the last supper and the middle to lower back is a fallen angel.
    That's good man glad to hear your doing good yeah man gotta hit me up on the box. Have to kick some *** on cod
    I am leaving KoG and I am resinging from the clan permanitly. Thank you for letting me be in your clan and in your community. but it is no longer my time. I AND I ALONE made KoG InFamous leave KoG. kick me out of the clan i dont care. i messed up, for the VERY last time Devoured i am sorry for all the trouble i have caused in the clan. i am sorry
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