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  • Hey man I talked with your section leader and waiting on a KoG Division leader to finish this transfer. you should be receive 3 guys if they havn't gone awol because of all the waiting.
    To all Reapers, I have a very strong belief in the skills of our squad, and expect us to do well when we start our squad battles, both in Mafia, and those that may take place outside of Mafia. We are a hard charging, and always playing to win. With that being said, Please make your generic Swamp Donkey player cards in case we should lose a squad battle.

    WHO'S MY SWAMP DONKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hey, you approved my username change a bit ago so I figured you could answer my question. I've been inactive for a few years, and looking to come back to Xiled Gaming. I'm not quite sure what division I would like to rejoin... I know KoG is for 13+ and XGG is for girls only, what is the SYN division? Also, could you explain how I need to go about rejoining a devision and clan? Thanks so much!
    Intro Test - SYN Galvarino

    15. Whose responsibility is it to maintain the clan list and the usergroup?
    the clan list is maintained by the general and the usergroup is maintained by the section leader

    16. Where would you send members to change their log in name?
    to the division leader to see if it's available

    17. Where would you find weekly updates, promotions, and the DNR?
    the website

    18. What forum is used to communicate with your upper leader?
    permission groups

    19. What is Xiled Gaming's stance on dating another xiled member?
    it's not recommended

    20. What is the optimum configuration when establishing the rank structure in a clan?
    your clan name, your squad name, and rank

    Bonus question 1. What is the dimension for a clan banner?
    check the website

    Bonus question 2. When was I, SYN Drifdar XD, recruited in XG?[/QUOTE]
    June 2014
    Intro Test - SYN Galvarino

    9. Where would you send a new recruit for your clan on the website?
    to registry on the website, then to my profile and join a clan and hit send on the permission group

    10. What are the two lists used to track a clan's members and who maintains them?
    permission group - section leader, clan list - general

    11.What three things does a new recruit need to know and understand when recruited?
    the honor code, the website, and rank structure

    12. When and what time is your mandatory meeting?
    sunday at 9 pm

    13. What are the four elements to maintain your clan?
    rank structure, clan structure, promotion requirements, and the honor code

    14. What methods do you have to communicate with your clan?
    the website and xbox live
    Intro Test - SYN Galvarino

    SYN Drifdar XD said:
    1. What is the key to success?

    2. What is our primary form of communication?
    the website

    3. What are the resources you have available to help run your clan?
    the website, the honor code, and chain of command

    4. What is the basic meaning of the Honor Code?

    5. What is the difference between KoG, SYN, XGC, and XGG?
    KoG for kids ages 13-15, SYN is ages 18 and up, XGC is for family play, and XGG is gaming for girls only

    6. What is the rank structure?
    recruit, private, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, general, section leader, division leader, community leader, and council leader

    7. What are the responsibilities of a General?
    to train all others under you to get to a general spot, teach honor code, clan and rank structure, and website

    8. What is the centralized location for your clan to communicate?
    the website
    Hey ****hooks I'm back this time we need to talk about how 007 and silo are stupid *** ****wits who can't run a clan much less a whole division as well as that they're both stuck up ****s and smell like baboon ******* and to put it frankly he's a micromanaging ***** who thinks he's a badass well I've got news for you your a *****
    007 also looks like the undertaker except he's an *** grabbing ****boy who can't even chokeslam silo hey 007 how did that one night stand go in the bar how's your kid is he well?? Well that's about it for me if you have any questions message rxg spaz rs this is on his behalf
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