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  • Wow! I really have been in a time warp and alternate reality. Back from a long time away don't recognize the forums and the many clans which is extremely awesome! I will reconnect with any if my old clan members and see where i fit in. I'm an old dude mow but at 53 yrs old i have been a gamer from the moment my parents bought pong! Atari, Nintendo etc.
    so greetings my fellow clan members from
    Cyclops Cs U
    sorry bro been workin crazy hours and have had fam in from out of town.. i left a message with iky i hope he let yall know.. ill b on for a bit tonight. later bro
    XGC BACKFIRE, if I forgot anyone on X-box live I sent a message that my turtle beach set is broken, but I still be playing but not able to help with recruiting I will try to replace them this weekend if my budget stretches! it's kinda hard with the girls always needing something Seriously I have no more sock drawer money stash all gone. Anyway I will get it soon as I can. Good gaming!
    Haha yeah that my baby face. Lol but just get on my forum page there's a thread on my page for the name change
    Oh ok I sent xx8XPLICIT8xx a message telling him to log into his email and confirm or we have to resubmit a join request. Wronghand is set but he needs a little guidance to properly register on the website, he will get a computer and get with us on Thursday night. Plz confirm that with him if you get on first or send him a message about looking you up when he gets on. Thank you for all your assistance brother.
    yessir I got your messages on XBL I plan on being on tonight to recruit wronghand in, I sent him a friend request also. And as far as xx8XPLICIT8xx goes I guess he isn't on the website correctly. I've been trying to get ahold of those who are in the same situation. they need to register and confirm it in their e-mails then sign up for XGC KAMIKAZE
    I don't think Kamikaze has its own avatar but I could be wrong. I just chose mine today, I'm learning more and more about the website now because its pretty interesting.
    Thank you! Gentlemen I just wanted to have it written down and accessible for myself and new recruits.
    Here's our list:
    Community leader:

    Division Leader:

    Section Leader:

    Fat Man Breasts


    jones slice
    Your XS is XGC NOOBZ XS. As of division leaders we are over all of XGC. We do watch over certain section leaders though and XDC Resilent XD is your XD watching over noobz. Hope this hopes.
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