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Council Leader
Jan 1, 2006
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Note: NO Promotion is just given for meeting the time requirements. Promotions must be earned by fulfilling all the responsibilities of each rank. Promotions are not asked for they are earned. Because you have been in your position for a long time does not guarantee you a promotion. If you have completed these requirements please speak with a leader. If you are not maintaining the requirements of your position please understand you are hurting your clan, the community, and your friends. If this happens you will be relieved of your leadership position. It isn't personal. We can't have inactive or ineffective leaders hold back what our members need.

A recruit should spend at least 1 week getting to know members and exploring the website. Recruits will be voted on by their peers and asked to join XG as a private in a squad if they accept the Honor Code and are a quality gamer.

Privates are required to register on the website and be active in the squad as a private for a minimum of 14 days before they can be promoted to Sergeant. A Private will not be promoted if they are not registered on the forums and active in the squad. Privates are required to play with and add members from the clan list to their gaming console friend list.

Sergeants must meet all their responsibilities as outlined in the XG Rank Structure as well as hold their rank for a minimum of 2 weeks. They must also show they want to be part of the XG leadership. They must play with recruits and privates and be an example to them on how to play. Sergeants should work closely with their Lieutenant to learn how the responsibilities of leadership work. Sergeants should encourage all members of the squad/clan to add every member in order to assist in building good gaming relationships between members.

Lieutenants assist Captains and should be trained as their replacement. They must hold their rank a minimum of 21 days. A Lieutenant earns a promotion after being properly trained and in one of the 3 following ways. First, if their squad grows big enough to split and form a new squad within the clan. Second, if their Captain is being promoted to general. Third, if their clan splits and is moved into the new clan. Lieutenant is the right hand of the Captain and is the first man up when the Captain is promoted. Ideally, the Lieutenant has a Sergeant ready to move into his position.

Captains assist Generals by running a squad of a minimum of 4 members. Captains become eligible for a promotion after holding their rank for a minimum of 30 days, training their Lieutenant to replace them, meeting all their responsibilities outlined in the rank structure, and running a successful squad. Captains must be positive role models for their squad/clan and the community, being active in-game and the forums. Captains must attend/run clan meetings and ensure all members in the squad are playing together. Captains must update their squad list upon the addition of new squad members to ensure all members know each other. Captains must ensure all members are on each other's friend list. Captains must communicate all issues to his General and work with his General to ensure quick resolutions. Captains must complete the Captains class as soon as possible.
  1. It is mandatory for the Captain to have the Lieutenant trained, all requirements met and ready to assume the role of Captain before a Captain can be promoted to General. The Captain is responsible for the training and development of the Lieutenant in their squad. By doing this the Captain is ensuring that the Lieutenant is given all of the tools to be successful once they are promoted.

Generals are recommended for promotion by the Section Leaders and must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be a General for a minimum of 4 months.
  2. Running a successful clan that is properly structured.
  3. A General should split their clan at least TWICE.
  4. It is mandatory for the General to have the Captain(s) trained, all requirements met, and ready to assume the role of General before a General can be promoted to Section Leader. The General is responsible for the training and development of the Captains in their clan. By doing this the General is ensuring that the Captain is given all of the tools to be successful once they are promoted.
  5. Being active in-game and on the forums.
  6. Participating in the General's meetings by running them on a regular basis.
  7. Maintaining effective clan communication, verbally, and by reposting (spamming/sharing) messages/meeting notes from the leaders and posting on the forum and console.
  8. Showing dedication, loyalty, and commitment to the community.
  9. Successfully complete the General's Leadership class(es) and any other training requirements for a General.
  10. Being fair but firm and making sound decisions.
  11. Working with other Generals and Sections Leaders as a Team throughout the community.
  12. Generals MUST meet with their captains weekly to discuss squads and the clan.
  13. Behaving in a professional manner in all dealings within the clan and with fellow leaders.
  14. Using common sense.
  15. Passing the evaluation from the Leadership in the community.

Section Leaders are recommended for promotion by Division Leaders and must meet all the criteria of all lower ranks as well as the following:
  1. Be a Section Leader for a minimum of 6 months.
  2. Run 2 to 4 clans successfully with the proper clan structure.
  3. In order for the Section Leader to be considered for Division Leader, they must promote a minimum of 2 Generals to Section Leader who remains successful and active Section Leaders in the community. The Section Leader promoting the General must work with the new Section Leader to ensure a successful transition to their new role.
  4. It is mandatory for the Section Leader to have the General(s) trained, all requirements met, and ready to assume the role of Section Leader before a General can be promoted to Section Leader. The Section Leader is responsible for the training and development of the Generals in their clans. By doing this the Section Leader is ensuring that the General is given all of the tools to be successful once they are promoted.
  5. Display sound judgment and decision making in all aspects of their online gaming. (this includes in-game, on the forums, and in pre-game lobbies)
  6. Successfully complete the Section Leaders' Leadership class and any other training requirements for a Section Leader.
  7. Section Leaders MUST meet with their Generals weekly to discuss their development, clan status, potential clan split, and captains ready for promotion.
  8. Give 100% commitment to helping run and grow Xiled Gaming.
  9. Be looked upon as being a leader among your peers.
  10. Maintaining successful clans as well as taking on additional responsibilities.

Division Leaders are promoted via a vote by Community Leaders and Council only upon proving they are committed to the growth and well being of the community and all of its members as well as being a direct influence on its growth by promoting it in the online gaming world. Division Leaders are in charge and run the division they are in. Division Leaders must display sound judgment and decision making at all times. Division Leaders must have a great relationship with all Section Leaders and be able to handle bigger responsibilities. Division Leaders must meet with all Section Leaders weekly to discuss clan business, clan splits, future promotions, and the direction of the community (Rotation). Division Leaders who have mastered the position will be assigned to community tasks. Being global and seeing the big picture as noticed by the Community and Council Leader is how a Division Leader is promoted.
  1. It is mandatory for the Division Leaders to train and develop the Section Leaders in their division. The success of the Division and the Section Leaders is the #1 priority of the Division Leaders. By doing their required rotations monthly they are ensuring the Section Leader's needs are met and formulate plans to fix issues within the section.

Community Leaders are promoted by a unanimous vote of the council after displaying the highest degree of dedication, commitment, and loyalty to the whole of Xiled Gaming. Community Leaders run all of Xiled Gaming along with the Council. A community leader must be an Ambassador for XG! In order for a Community Leader to be promoted, they must be financially committed to or make a financial commitment to XG.

The Council of Leaders is made up of the founding members of XG. The Council works within a democratic structure voting on what is best for all of XG. These ideals keep the community from being about one person’s quest. Council Leaders, we’re sorry but you’re stuck with the XI unless you decide to turn into a jackass. In that case, you will get two words not two letters for your promotion. LOL!!
Not open for further replies.