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TripTrip Returns

XGC TripTrip

XGC Section 8
Aug 9, 2016
1) Gamer Tag/User Name


2) Any writing experience that you may have (it’s okay if you have none)?

I was apart of the news team 4 years ago when i was last in xiled gaming before this time and was in High School News Team and the Marine Corps 2nd Marine Division news paper for 18months

3) What type of news are you interested in sharing or reporting?

I am well caught up on released games and professional tournaments usually wrighting down highlights from them to watch again later

4) Based on your interests in the News Team, please submit a sample of an article.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls the wait is finally over after 6 years of waiting the new Halo game is upon us. The release of Halo Infinite has been announced that the release of Halo Infinite will be December 8, 2021. Halo 5 left fans on a major cliff hanger with Cortana infiltrating Infinity’s control systems saying, “Hide and seek is over infinity”. As this happens Lasky taking the ship into emergency slip space to get away. Think that was strange? Have you seen the Legendary ending? Well, if you haven’t. The legendary ending shows a new Halo ring activated with a woman who sounds like it could be Cortana. This ring as resources call it is “Zeta Halo”. So many unanswered questions, what is Cortana’s next move? Will she be located on Zeta Halo? With the AI attacks will the covenant be a vital role in this story line? Are people ready for what’s to come? To this there is only one answer to one question people will be ready for this. Ever since the official announcement of halo the activity in the halo games have increased more than ever. People replaying the story, people grinding on firefight and multiplayer. Halo Series started on November 15, 2001, selling over 2.4 million copies in the first 24 hours. 19 years 9 months the series has sold more than 70 million copies worldwide. This goes to show the fan base for the halo series and hopes are to have as well as of a success just as the rest of the halo games were. Hope to see all of you Halo fans out there on our next journey with master chief.
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