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Dec 29, 2012
Hell, Texas
This is old and will be updated soon.

I, SYN TX REDNECK, am the new General of SYN GLUTTONY 7. SYN BEN KARL is the new Captain of War Squad. The Lt. of War Squad has not been decided yet. Sergeants and Privates interested in ranking up will have one (1) month to go that extra mile and show us you have what it takes to help Lead G7. The following is a list of Our (SYN TX REDNECK & SYN BEN KARL) requirements to ranking up.

Private - Sergeant:

  • Two (2) quality recruits (at least)
  • 10 posts on the SYN GLUTTONY 7 Clan Forums (tells us you know your way around the website
  • Learning the History of XG, What a Quality Gamer is, and Recruiting Tips which is posted in the, "Knowledge is Power," thread in our forums. You don't have to read/ memorize every link, but it helps to learn the basics. How can you recruit someone if you can't tell them anything about XG?

Sergeant - Lieutenant:

  • At least five (5) Quality Recruits total
  • Read and create your own version of the "Check-list for Reading In."
  • Read and know a couple of the training courses, How to be a Leader in XG, and the 2014 Clan Structure which is located in the, "Knowledge is Power," Thread.
  • Be the one that goes the extra mile to read people in. Who cares if he/she is not your Recruit. Show your willingness and determination to help G7 grow and you will succeed.

The SYN GLUTTONY 7 Clan meeting will always start Saturday's at 9PM EASTERN. If you can't make it you need to let your General, SYN TX REDNECK, or your Squad Captain/ Lieutenant know. If you miss two (2) meetings in a row and you do not communicate in any way with myself or your Squad Captain then you will be placed as Inactive. If your offline for seven (7) days then the eighth (8) day you will be listed as inactive. If your showing "online" during a meeting but fail to respond to messages and invites you will have one (1) day to give me or your Captain an excuse or you will be placed as Inactive.

Being Inactive will restrict you from the following Clan activities:

  • Clan & Squad Meetings
  • Clan Battles & XG Events
  • Promotions
  • Game Nights

If you COMMUNICATE with Myself or your Captain then you will not be placed as inactive. If you have Life going on and let us know that you will not be active as much, then you will not be set inactive unless you choose to be. Basically, if you communicate with us everything will be fine. Cease to communicate and there will be consequences.

We may add Black Ops: Advanced Warfare to our base game modes. After talking to G7 Members most of us are going to wait and see how it is. If It's awesome we will have two (2) squads in each game; Black Ops 2 & Advanced Warfare.

If you buy the Xbox One and start playing games like, (but not limited to), BO2, Advanced Warfare, Halo Series, Titanfall, or Destiny then I will eventually transfer you to another Clan in SYNdicate Whose platform is the Xbox One & whose base game is one of the games mentioned. This isn't because We don't like you anymore. Whenever your on the Xbox 360 we will still game with you, but if you switch platforms/ Games then you need to be switched to a different Clan. You will have the choice as to which clan you go to.

As always Have Fun!