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SYN General Promotion - SYN Shaggy

Congratulations to SYN Shaggy on his Promotion to General over SYN BloodLine.

SYN Shaggy began his journey back in April of 2016 with Xiled Gaming back in the 360 days. SYN Shaggy's name was SYN SohCahToa back in the day as he was a Captain under SYN kryptonic in the clan SYN BloodLine. SYN Shaggy was in that stage of chasing girls at that time and put that Xbox away and left the community to go out and have some fun for a while. He decided to come back to Xiled Gaming in Nov of 2016. He was placed in KoG in the clan KoG Mafia. This is where he changed his name to KoG Shaggy then transferred to my section on April 27, 2020, to SYN Greed 7. At this time SYN LexTech was his General and SYN kryptonic was his Captain, Remind you SYN kryptonic was his General back in the day. SYN Shaggy became LT on May 6th for SYN Greed 7. As SYN Shaggy was already familiar with a lot in the community it did not take much training for him. His ability became natural as I believed he had that great leadership skill. His communication within the clan and leadership is remarkable. As SYN LexTech prepared his leadership for a clan split on May 20th of this year this is when SYN Shaggy became Captain in SYN Bloodlust as SYN Kryptonic was his General.

SYN Shaggy is a wonderful recruiter and he brought his squad up and worked so hard to where he is today. SYN Shaggy has shown me so much in the months that I have had him in my section. He communicates with his peers and everyone in his clan like a true leader should. I see in him great things ahead. SYN Shaggy strives for every goal, both long, and short term goals diligently, once meeting such goals, he is quick to set new exciting goals to obtain. There is that competitive side in him but mostly he has that fun side that just wants to have fun. SYN Shaggy has a talent for finding true leadership, SYN Shaggy works hard to find common-sense resolutions when handling issues, He understands the importance of keeping a calm cool head in times of adversity. he understands and respects the responsibility to be a successful leader.

Again I want to congratulate him on a very well deserved promotion to General over SYN Blood Line! I have faith in his ability to be Great General, I expect to see even greater things ahead for this young man in the future within Xiled Gaming.
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