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SYN General Promotion - SYN BREEZY1

SYN General Promotion - SYN BREEZY1
Breezy1 was recruited on Oct 24, 2015, and joined SYN Eternal. Breezy soon worked his way up the ranks and became a Section Leader. SYN Breezy had transferred from KoG division back into SYN Division. However, Breezy came back with a passion for his original home clan SYN Xiled kings. Breezy is an experienced leader. He has strived to achieve every goal, even if they are out of reach. Breezy continues to set goals for Xiled Kings. Breezy is an excellent listener when it comes to his members and a hard worker. He always tries to think positive and always has a plan for whatever might be thrown his way. Breezy loves being a part of SYN Xiled Kings and enjoys every moment with members within the clan. Breezy is always looking for new and exciting ways to grow the community, and continue to work towards the goals of helping this community grow even bigger.
I am proud to congratulate SYN BREEZY1 on his promotion to General over SYN XILED KINGS.