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Dec 29, 2012
Hell, Texas

Updates on Members Profile

The following is a list of members in SYN Divergent that need to make changes to their XG Profile on the website. This will include, (but isn't limited to), Name changes, Xbox Live Gamertags, User Groups being Displayed, Rank updated, & Division Updates. If your on this list, I will leave directions on how to fix whatever your missing. If you have any questions hit me up on the website/ Xbox, message your squad Captain, or your General, SYN CLARITY.

SYN Divergent Display/ Xbox Live GamerTag:
Allstar3237 - Rank
Funbox - Rank/ SYN

SYN Divergent Display

L3G3G4RY WOLF73 - Rank
SNIP3RR69 -> SYN Snipez - Name Change

Xbox Live GamerTag

About Me
cjskates0928 - Rank
xx3E4RxEL1T3xx - Rank


Rank/ SYN/ Xbox Live GamerTag

Click on your Profile located in the top-right corner.

Then look at the tabs located to the right of your profile picture. Click on the "About Me" Tab.

Click on the little pencil besides XG Rank & change your Rank to whatever you currently hold. Then change your Gaming Community to "SYN." (Note: If your on your phone or a Tablet you have to scroll down to the bottom of your screen and click on the "FULL SITE" Link.)

Next Make sure your Xbox Live GamerTag reflects what your Xbox Name is. After you save it, it should show a picture of your gamercard.

SYN Divergent Display

Now look up top to where the Home/Forum Tab is. Underneath the Tabs is a black bar, Click on the "Community" tab then click on the "Join A Clan" link underneath it.

Now you should see a List of all the Clans in XG. You should remember this from when you got recruited in. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Fill in the bubble beside SYN Divergent then click the box "Update Display Group."


Now when someone visits your Profile they'll know what XG Clan your in along with your Division/ Rank. It also makes our clan look way better on the Website.
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